PlayStation 2

Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monster Coliseum

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Unlock Fusions

Darkfire Dragon: Firegrass with a level 5 Petit Dragon
Flame Swordsman: Flame Manipulator with level 4 Masaki the Legendary Swordsman
Flying Penguin: Penguin Soldier with Level 2 Penguin Knight
Gate Guardian: Sanga with Suijin and Level 3 Kazejin
Harpie Lady Sisters: 3 Harpy Ladies at Level 3
Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon: Fuse 3 level 2 Blue Eyes White Dragons
Cyber Saurus: level 5 Blast Juggler with a level 4 Two-Headed King Rex
Kaminari Attack: Ocubeam with a level 5 Mega Thunderball
Kwagar Hercules: Hercules Beetle with level three Kuwagata Alpha
Metal Dragon: Level 3 Lesser Dragon with Level 3 Steel Ogre Grotto 1
Metal Zoa: Level 2 Zoa with a level 3 steel scorpion
Millennium Golem: Destroyer Golem with level 5 statue from Easter Island
Rabid Horseman: Battle Ox & Mystic Horseman at level 3
Summoned Lord Exodia: Level 2 right and left arms and legs and Exodia the Forbidden one
Thousand Dragon: Time Wizard level 3 with Baby Dragon level 5
Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon: Thunder dragon at level 4 with a Thunder dragon at level 4