WWF SmackDown!

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Hint :

Bonus wrestlers in season mode:Complete the indicated number of years in season mode to unlock the corresponding bonus wrestler. Ivory – 1 yearPrince Albert – 2 yearsJacqueline – 3 yearsViscera – 4 yearsMideon – 6 yearsGerald Brisco – 7 yearsPat Patterson – 8 yearsOther arena areas:Press Circle (Irish Whip) near the entrance of the center area to access other areas in the arena.

Bonus wrestlers in season mode:
Complete the indicated number of years in season mode to unlock the
corresponding bonus wrestler

Wrestler Seasons

Ivory 1 year
Prince Albert 2 years
Jacqueline 3 years
Viscera 4 years
80 ability points in Create a Superstar 5 years
Mideon 6 years
Gerald Brisco 7 years
Pat Patterson 8 years
No bonus 9 years
90 ability points in Create a Superstar 10 years
100 ability points in Create a Superstar 20 years

Other arena areas:
Press Circle (Irish Whip) near the entrance of the center area in
“Fall Anywhere” mode to access other areas in the arena.

Pre-Season bonuses:
Successfully complete a Pre-Season. Once Wrestle Mania is over,
Vince McMahon will approach you in the back and tell you that you
can continue with the WWF. Once he is through, the Smack Down
symbol will appear, and the game will congratulate you. It will
then announce that a bonus has been unlocked. These include:
Extra character points, Rock’s new outfit, Stone Cold’s new
outfit, Stevie Richards in Create-A-Wrestler mode, Blue Meanie,
character skills, and a wealth option for your status.

Career bonuses are not always the same. The more times you
complete pre-season mode, the more bonuses will be awarded. You
can get them up to four times of completing pre-season mode
before they stop.

Complete the following number of pre-seasons to get the
corresponding bonus:

1: Wealth option
2: European title and ability
3: Women’s title and ability
4: Tournament and ability
5: Hardcore title and ability
6: IC title and ability
7: Tag title and ability
8: Title match and ability
10: Skip pre-season
Stage 6/House Show 3B: Blue Meanie
Stage 5/House Show 3A: Stevie Richards
Stage 58/House Show ED1: Alternate outfit for Stone Cold
Stage 61/House Show ED4: Alternate outfit for The Rock
Stage 65/House Show ED8: Stephanie McMahon


Get more weapons:
When you are in an anywhere match you can get more objects by
whipping people into things. For example, in the parking lot,
whip someone into the ambulance to get a stretcher. Whip
someone into the fire extinguisher box on the wall to get the
extinguisher. In the back room after the stage, whip someone
into the soda machine to get a soda/beer can out of it.

You can also get more weapons or change weapons outside the
ring by holding R1 and pressing the D-pad towards the
turnbuckle. Note: This cannot be done in I Quit matches.

In a Hardcore match or Anywhere match, Irish Whip your opponent
into the gray curtain by the WWF logo that leads to the back.
You can get the IC belt to use as a weapon.

Faster season mode bonuses:
To get the yearly season mode bonuses faster, simply skip through

Note: You need to go to April before you can complete a season.

Easy belts:
Create a PPV and set a match for any belt. Put the wrestler you want
to have the belt in the first place and put the wrestler with the
belt in the second place. Set the match for P1 vs. P2. Play the
match and do not have anyone using the controller two. This will
allow you to easily defeat the wrestler with the belt.

Push opponent on stretcher:
When you have the stretcher and your opponent is dizzy and not
looking at you, push the stretcher into him. He will fall back
onto the stretcher and you can push him into something. Note:
After awhile he or she will get off.

Change weapons:
Press R1 to pick up a weapon. Then throw it out of the ring, and go
outside the ring. Get close to the ring. as you would to get back in.
Press L1 while facing the ring. Your wrestler will grab another
weapon from under the ring. You can keep repeat this until getting
the weapon of your choice.

Climbing out of the cage:
Go near the cage, press R1, and when you have climbed a short
distance, repeatedly press Up.

Perform your finisher:
You will be able to do your finisher after you get a green dot. On
your meter, the Smackdown logo will light up when you are in the
right spot. From there, just press L1.

When your meter has all of the dots highlighted, simply press L1 from
the position from which you hit your finisher. Example: To perform
Jeff Hardy’s Senton Bomb, knock your opponent down on the ground with
all of your dots highlighted, climb the turnbuckle, and press L1.

Face opponent’s back when picking up:
Press Circle(2) when picking up your opponent. This is useful for
wrestler such as Road Dogg when performing a finishing move.

Fast special:
Repeatedly press L2 (taunt) in a match to gain quick power instead of
waiting for the taunt to finish.

Do special without using a dot:
When your meter says “Smackdown”, instead of pressing L1 press Left +
Circle. Note: This does not work for all wrestlers — sometimes they
will just do a special move.

Combo moves:
Each wrestler has a combo. Repeatedly press X and they will do a 4-5
hit combo.

More created wrestler moves:
Simply put your skill to a higher setting to get more moves for a
created wrestler.

Simply edit the “Fighting Style” to “Powerful” then go to “Ability”.
Increase “Powerful” to level five. Insert all the desired moves, then
exit and save. Go to fighting style again. Repeat those steps to set
“Technique”, “Speedy”, and “Rough Neck” to “Powerful”. Although this
is cumbersome, it is worth the effort to have all the higher level
moves when you create a superstar.

Created wrestler pulls off elbow pads:
Use the People’s Elbow as a finisher to have a created wrestler pull
off his elbow pad. If your created wrestler does not have elbow pads,
one will appear when the move is used.

Created wrestler with Socko taunt:
Use the Socko taunt as part of your created wrestler’s moves to pull
Socko out of your sleeve. Remember to choose the Mandible Claw to
have some fun with Socko.

Created wrestlers with explosive intros:
Custom wrestlers can have a fiery explosion during their intro if
they have their character entrance set to Kane, regardless of movie.

Post your opponent between the legs:
You can post your opponent between the legs on the ring post. Get
your opponent in the corner, then slip out of the ring. Get
positioned behind or in front of him, depending on the throw, then
quickly press Circle to grab the nearest foot.

Double-Team Springboard Plancha:
Select either the Hardy Boyz or Edge and Christian. Set your opponent
up in the corner, then move one of your wrestlers a few steps in
front of him. The other wrestler should be a couple steps behind him.
Press L2 for the wrestler in front and he will squat on all fours.
Press Triangle for the other wrestler and he will run on and jump
off his partner. If you press X in the air, he will land on his
opponent. Note: Your opponent does not have to be in the corner, but
it just looks better.

In a Royal Rumble when an opponent is caught in the ropes, you and a
friend can use the Double-Team Springboard Plancha to knock him out.
Note: You must have a wrestler that gets down on all fours as a taunt
to do this.

Double Senton Bomb:
Select a Handicap Match and set it up as 1P and 2P vs. Com. Have a
friend be player two. Select the Hardy Boyz for players one and two,
and anyone else for the CPU. Beat up your opponent badly, until Jeff
Hardy has a green dot. Then, slam your opponent face-up in the middle
of the ring. Both players one and two should climb up on the
turnbuckles opposite each other. Have the player controlling Jeff
press L1, and the player controlling Matt press X at the same time.
If done correctly, they will perform a Double Senton Bomb and will
score an easy victory.

Leap frog:
To do a leap frog, have a large amount of distance between you and
your opponent. Face your opponent’s back. When it is turned, hold
Triangle then press Square. If done correctly, you will leap frog
over and continue to run. Then, you will bounce off the ropes. Use
your desired run attack move to destroy the competition.

Baseball slide:
Have your opponent face to face to slide under their leg. Have a
large amount of distance between you and your opponent. Run while
holding Triangle then press Square. This works best with the turn
around move from behind for a good looking finish.

Hidden elbow drop off the side of the cage:
Climb the side of the cage and, when you are about half way up,
hold Back + X to drop the elbow. This can be done if your opponent
is standing or knocked down.


Anywhere match:
When in an Anywhere match, you will fight in the locker room,
parking lot, boiler room, etc. After the match is over, you will
be shown celebrating in the center of the ring.

Cage match:
Wrestle a cage match. After one man climbs out and is declared the
winner and is celebrating, the loser will disappear from the ring.

The Rock’s invisible elbow pad:
Use The Rock as a guest referee and have him do the People’s . He
will take off the elbow pad and throw it in the crowd. If the
move is repeated, he will take off the elbow pad again (which was
already thrown) and throw it in the crowd.

The second time or later time that you do the People’s Elbow with
The Rock or a custom wrestler with his moves, he will not have an
elbow pad but still does the motions of taking it off.

Debra’s outfit:
Get a friend to play against you. Select Debra as you wrestler,
and any other wrestler for player two. Have player two make Debra
fall on her back with her feet towards the screen. Debra will
seem to have nothing on under her skirt.

Not playing Royal Rumble in season mode:
When playing Royal Rumble in season mode, simply exit and you will
be at the next month of your season.