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Super Guns

To upgrade the mini-gun and Uzi with missile capability, press [Command] and enter its corresponding code below.

Level Select

To select a level, press [Enter] at the beginning of a level.

Secret Weapons

For some of the secret weapons, type BAABAA at the weapon options screen. (Note: Reentry disables code.)

Cheat Shortcut keys*

Super mini-gun [F3] + [F6] + [Space]
Super Uzi [F1] + [Space] * Hold keys while highlighting appropriate item.  

Extra weapons:

Type baabaa at the weapons option screen. Exploding sheep, the banana
bomb, and full motion with the ninja rope will be available during
game play. Type aabaab at the weapons option screen to disable cheat

Rapid fire missiles:

Type aabaab while shooting a mini-gun.

Extra turn:

Type aabaab while firing a banana bomb.

Unlimited bazooka missiles:

Select a target with the Uzi, then hold [Shift] + [F1] and press