Victoria: An Empire Under the Sun

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Cheat Codes
When playing game press F12 then type any of these cheats below and press enter again:

Code – Effect

TRANSPORTS – Get Transports
PRESTIGE – Get Prestige
MONEY – Get loads of Money
LEADERSHIP – Get Leaders
DIFRULES – Play like a God
NOWAR – No War
NOREVOLTS – Defeat all
NOLIMIT – No Troops Limits
NOFOG – No Fog
HANDSOFF – Hands off all
SHOWID – Get Province IDs
FULLCONTROL – Total Control

Cheat mode:
Press “F12” during game play, type one of the following codes, then
press “Enter” to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Code
Additional transports transports
Additional prestige prestige
Additional money money
Additional leaders leadership
Additional men manpower
God type rules difrules
No war nowar
Defeat all enemies norevolts
Disable troop limits nolimit
Disable fog nofog
Hands off all handsoff
Display Province IDs showid
Total control fullcontrol
100 ammunition ammunition
100 artillery artillery
100 cattle cattle
100 cement cement
100 coal coal
100 coffee coffee
100 cotton cotton
100 dye dye
100 explosives explosives
100 fabric fabric
100 fertilizer fertilizer
100 fruit fruit
100 fuel fuel
100 furniture furniture
100 glass glass
100 grain grain
100 iron iron
100 liquor liquor
100 lumber lumber
100 oil oil
100 opium opium
100 steel steel
100 sulfur sulfur
100 tea tea
100 timber timber
100 tobacco tobacco
100 wine wine
100 wool wool