Uchuu Keiji Tamashii

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Unlock Secret movies

Unlock Secret Commercial movies / The making

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Commercial No.5 (Sahaian Tank DX and Blue Hawk Bike)Kill 999 enemies using 5th character.
The making of Space Sheriff SpiritsKill 999 enemies using any character (after 5 commercial movies are obtained).
Tv Commercial No.1 (Space Sherrif Gavan Action Figure)Beat the survival game , kill 999 enemies by using Gavan.
Tv Commercial No.2 (Dolgiran Ship, PopyKill 999 enemies using 2nd character.
Tv Commercial No.3 (Sharivan Action Figure)Kill 999 enemies using 3rd character.
Tv Commercial No.4 (Sharingar Tank Radio Control)Kill 999 enemies using 4th character.

Unlock Survival Mode

To unlock survival mode, simply play the game over and over again. This way you can earn points, points are given after a stage clears. Clear 5000 or more point total to unlock this mode. Take note you must finishe Gavan mode then tamashii mode to unlock survival mode. Total points can be seen in the title screen. be sure you have auto save feature so you can save points while playing.