Typing of the Dead

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Other Passwords
Type the following codes in the “Password Entry” section:


They activate:

1) Free Play (Infinte Continue)
2) Allow access to all boss in Boss Mode
3) Allow access to all levels in Drill Mode
4) Allow access to all CPU characters (Citizens, Harry, etc…) in VS CPU mode

Hidden Options
The password for the hidden option VS. Computer in the game is: DOAKSIM

Hidden vs. CPU option:
Enter “BBCDTC”, “DOAKSIM” or “STKZJGH” as a password.

More options:
Enter “KIKMAHP” or DKRORCR as a password to activate unlimited continues,
all Bosses in Boss mode, all Drill mode levels, and all CPU characters
in vs. CPU mode.

Unlimited continues option:
Enter “POQRTJC” as a password

9 continues option:
Enter “DEBTINU” as a password

5 lives option:
Enter “TORAMAN” as a password

Start at final chapter:
Enter “TMTSINO” as a password