Total Annihilation : Kingdoms – The Iron Plague

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Cheat mode:

Begin a game in skirmish or multiplayer mode. Press [Enter] to display the message box. Press (Plus) and enter one of the codes:

Result – Code:

Faster unit building – zipper
Half damage weapons – halfshot
In-game clock – clock
Kill indicated player – kill (1-4)
Kill opponents – combustion
Limited resource increase – lushee
Lose mission – ilose
Maximum men and material – tilt
More blood l- otsablood
Nanolathing and metal usage doubled – nanolathing
Random meteor shower – meteor
Rename indicated unit – nameunit (unit)
Screen shot – makeposter
Toggle CD music – cdstart
Toggle fog of war – infrared
Toggle rolling fog effects – rollingfog
Toggle wavy fog effects – wackyfog
Toggle wavy water effects – wackywater
Units say new phrases – bigbrother
Win mission – iwin
Alternate fog color – fogcolor (1-256)
Alternate race color – logo (1-9)
Change render lighting – lightrange (1-20)
Change screen resolution – vidmode
Completely fill mana – atm
Deselect selected units – selectunits
Display menu – f2menu
Dither replaces line of sight – dither
Double damage weapons – doubleshot
Exit to Windows – quit