Time Slaughter

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Cheat :

Type in “TS MIDGETPOWER” to start the game, then during the game you can press CTRL+any letter key to do different stuff in the game! Some are wierd and some are just stupid..

Cheat mode:

Start the game with the ts midgetpower command line, then enter
one of the following codes during game play to activate the
corresponding cheat function.

Effect Code

“shot???.raw” screenshot file [Ctrl] + [Equals]
Character moves marked with regions [Ctrl] + R
Display debug info [Ctrl] + Y
Enables fatalities [Ctrl] + F
Increase blood [Ctrl] + B
One hit kills [Ctrl] + K
Pauses and resumes game [Ctrl] + P
Toggle clipping mode [Ctrl] + A
Toggle death mode [Ctrl] + E
Toggle heads [Ctrl] + L
Toggle mid-air moves [Ctrl] + Q
Toggle screen spins [Ctrl] + U
Toggle status bars [Ctrl] + I
Toggle strobe effect [Ctrl] + O
Toggle suction [Ctrl] + X
Toggle super moves [Ctrl] + S
Toggle teleports [Ctrl] + H
Toggle tilt screen [Ctrl] + Z
Toggle timer [Ctrl] + T
Toggle zooms [Ctrl] + W
Toggles background graphics [Ctrl] + D
Toggles combo messages [Ctrl] + N
Toggles vertical scrolling [Ctrl] + V
Turbo player one [Ctrl] + [Comma]
Turbo player two [Ctrl] + [Semicolon]