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The Operative : No One Lives Forever

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Cheat mode:

During the game, press the talk button, then enter in one of the following codes for the desired effects.Code – Result:mpwegotdeathstar – Full Ammo mpwonderbra – Full Armor mpyoulooklikeyouneedamonkey – Full Armor Options mpdrdentz – Full Health mpgoattech – Full Weapon Upgrades mpimyourfather – Invincibility mpexorbitantamounts – More Blood Mode mpflowerpower – Paintball Mode mpmiked – Quit Game mpboyisuck – Removes all enemies mpbuild – Show Game Version mppos – Show Position mpmaphole – Skip Levels mpcam – Temporary Invisibility mpasscam – Third Person View mptrigger – Triggers all activate boxes mpclip – Walk through wallsmpbeenthere – All maps mpmimimi – All Weapons mpkingoftehmonstars – All Weapons, Full Ammo mpsanta – All Weapons, Full Armor and Health mpracerboy – Create Motorcycle mprosebud – Create Snowmobile