The Lord Of The Rings

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Super password:

Enter the following password to start with all characters, rings, and gems.

F82G2O 3K5G2O
G2T02W W4W…
BX7995 CY9J91

Easy experience:

If you want to gain levels at the beginning of the game without the danger of being hurt, just talk to the people in town. Every time you talk to someone you will gain one experience point. The first two or three levels only require 10 to 15 experience points.

Start with Gimli and Sam:

Enter BBBBBB BBBBBB as a password and press Start. Ignore the invalid password message. Remove all characters from the password and press Start to begin the game with Gimli and Sam already in the party.

Defeating Balrog:

Balrog can only be defeated if Gandalf is not in the party.

Start will all items:

Enter LCT..F FB..NF or LQWLQW LQWLQW as a password.