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The Arrival

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Walkthrough :

This walkthrough assumes you´ve read the instructions and are familiarwith the user interface. The data disks that are found along the wayhave yellow tabs on the right side. When I refer to data disk 6, itmeans the one with 6 yellow tabs on the right side. I have not includedsolutions to puzzles because the help in the game is so good. Hope thishelps!After the movie, you awake in your jail cell….Jail Cell———1. Click at the bottom center of the screen to get data disk 8. Put it in inventory and click on it to listen to it.2. Click again in about the same spot to look at a floor tile.3. Click on the floor tile to see a message about where to look next.4. Click on the wall, just left of center, to get a close-up of the wall.5. Click on the wall to get the security code for the cell door.6. Click on door area to change the view of the room.7. Click on the security panel to the left of the door.8. Set security codes to the ones found on the wall: 1st one, 9 clicks down 2nd one, 5 clicks down 3rd one, ok as it is 4th one, 9 clicks down9. You leave your cell and are facing the one across the hall.Jail cell across the hall————————-1. Click on the cell door.2. Click on the person in the cell to get him to talk.3. This leaves you facing down the hall towards the other two cells.4. Click to go forward to center of cellblock.5. Turn completely around and click on the door of the cell beside yours.Jail cell beside yours———————-1. Click on case beside corpse at back of cell.2. Click on close-up of case to open it.3. Click on SCREWDRIVER in the case to get it.4. Click on the right corner of the cell to see the codes 4 up, 3 down, 2 down, 5 up.5. Turn around to face the red doorway at the end of the cellblock.6. Click on door of jail cell beside the red doorway to hear an alien sing tones that will be needed for a puzzle later.7. Explore the rest of the machines etc. for some security views that will mean something after you visit the places.8. As you face the red doorway, click on the vent above the domed machine to the left of the door.Vent and robot lab——————1. Use the SCREWDRIVER on the vent to open it.2. Click on the now open vent.3. Click on the “box” in front of you in the vent shaft.4. Get INSECT-LIKE ROBOTS and GREEN KEY covered with epoxy.5. Click twice on grate in front of you beyond the “box”.6. Use INSECT-LIKE ROBOTS on the red robot in the right side of the robot lab. Do not enter the room first or you´ll die.7. Go into lab and click on the junk bin in the back left of the room.8. Get the ROBOTIC ARM from the junk bin.9. Click on the microwave at the workstation on your left. Click again to get a close-up of the “oven”.10. Click on the green square to open the “oven”.11. Put the GREEN KEY with epoxy into the “oven”.12. Click the green square to close the “oven”.13. Click the red circle to melt the epoxy off the key.14. Click green square and get the cleaned GREEN KEY.15. Face the vent and click on the left side of the screen to go to the now dead robot.16. Click to get the RED CREDIT CARD.17. Click on vent and return to jail cell.18. Go to red doorway of cellblock and use the RED CREDIT CARD in the security panel to the left of the door to exit the cellblock. Click on the door in front of you to enter the 4-way junction room.4-way junction room – initial visit———————————–Straight ahead is the recycling centerTo your immediate right is the transformation machine.Down the hall to your right is the Power Station and Transport section.Down the hall to your left is the Science section.1. Turn to your right and click on the transformation machine to get the puzzle. Remember SHIFT ? to get help if you need it.2. Turn right and go to the grey door with the yellow stripes (recycling center).Recycling Center—————-1. Click on console and use 4 up, 3 down, 2 down, 5 up code on the switches.2. Click on the end of the room to go to the elevator.3. Click on alcove area at the end of the room to approach the elevator.4. Click on the elevator to go to the top of the bins.5. Click on grate in front of you to view bins.6. Click on the middle bin (it´s a small hot spot).7. Click on brown patch just below the green light (also a small hot spot) to get the UNIVERSAL TRANSLATOR.8. Return to 4-way junction and turn right to go to door into the Science section.9. Click on the red door and then on the console to its left.10. Use ROBOTIC ARM in the security panel to unlock the door.11. Click on red door to enter walkway to Science section.12. Click on walkway to get to the Science section.Science section—————-Biology lab is through the door on your left.Storage facility is through the door on your right.There´s an elevator farther to your left and a bit behind you.The computer core is through the red door directly in front of you.1. Turn left and click the door to go to the Biology lab. You enter a hallway area. Click the yellow door to enter the actual lab.2. Do NOT go through the green fumes; you´ll die.3. Go into the room on your left and click the alien there in the chains. He asks you to lower the temperature.4. Return to the entry to the Science section and take the elevator UP to Engineering.5. In Engineering, click on the console to approach it and then click it again to get the puzzle.6. After solving the puzzle, click the console, exit the view, then click the console again to bring up the temperature control screen.7. Click on the Biology lab in the display. It´s at 7 o´clock on the circle structure.8. Click repeatedly on the thermometer to lower the temperature.9. Exit console and face door to leave.10. Click on the 2nd bin from the door and get BLUE KEY and DATA DISK 3.11. Return to Biology lab and click on alien in chains.12. He will give you a security key if you get him his medicine.13. Click on the green button to the left of the alien.14. Click on the machine to the left of the alien.15. Click on the arrow on the machine to display the form of the alien and note the arrows on the four lines are positioned at: 7, 5, 6, 7.16. Leave Biology lab and go to the Storage area.17. There are three storage closets. Search them and make sure you get: PAPER WITH BLUE LETTERHEAD DATA DISK 518. Return to Science section atrium and take elevator DOWN to Maintenance.19. Click on robot at the end of the room to go there and click again to make him talk.20. Use GREEN KEY on robot being fixed to enter the power supply puzzle. It´s a really tough one…the solution is: 1-1 1-5 5-5 3-1 1-4 4-5 1-2 2-5 5-3 4-3 3-3 3-2 4-4 4-2 2-221. Get DATA DISK 1 (this one´s yellow instead of red).22. Return to 4-way Junction and on to Power Station door.Power Station————–As you enter from 4-way Junction: The Transport section is straight ahead. The safe is on your right. The “small” console is on the “pillar to your right as you come in the door. The “main” console is on your left.1. Click on puzzle by the red door and solve music puzzle. Again, it´s tough because it´s not really the tones you heard from the alien in the cellblock. The solution is: 4-7-4-3-6.2. Click on red door to enter Power station.3. Turn right and click on the red safe on the wall.4. Click safe again to enter the pattern puzzle.5. Safe opens and you need to get: YELLOW CREDIT CARD DATA DISK 26. Return to the Science section.Science section – visit 2————————–1. Go into the computer core.2. Elevator is straight ahead, security computer is to your right, navigation computer is to your left.3. Enter the elevator and go up.4. Click on the console to get the pin-ball puzzle.5. Solve puzzle and get NAVIGATION CODE that looks like a helicoptor.6. Return to computer core and go to the security computer.7. Use YELLOW CREDIT CARD on computer.8. In the upper left display on the console are a number of red “boxes”. Click on the bottom left red “box” to get a SECURITY CODE. It looks like a helmet.9. Go to navigation computer and click on it.10. Click on red button to get marbles puzzle.11. After solving the puzzle, click the top icon in the console display. The coordinates will remain in the display at the bottom of the console.12. Click on the displayed coordinates to get a NAVIGATION CODE that looks like a motorboat motor.13. Now take the elevator in the computer core down.14. Turn around so you´re facing the elevator.15. Click on the machines/displays to the left of the elevator.16. Click the left green arrow once to get a display with red pulsing vertical bars and a blue box at the bottom.17. Use the SECURITY CODE (it looks like a helmet) on the blue box at the bottom of the display. This disarms the laser guns guarding the Earth Shuttle.18. Click on the alien to the right of the elevator two times (and several more to get the full conversation). He wants the skull from the mining colony.19. Return to the Power Station.Power Station – visit 2————————1. Click straight ahead in Power Station to go to the Transport section.Transport Section——————You enter facing a diagnostic display.To your left is Short-range Transport.To your right is Long-range Transport (Earth Shuttle).1. Go left to Short-range Transport and click on door.2. Outstation taxi in on the right, Moon shuttle is on the left.3. Click on door for Outstation taxi and solve the concentration puzzle.4. Use “helicoptor” NAVIGATION CODE on the yellow slot on the console.5. Click on the red button on the console to go to Outstation 1.OUTSTATION 1————-1. Turn to your left to face the machine on the wall.2. Use the PAPER WITH BLUE LETTERHEAD on the machine.3. Turn to your right and click on the domed machine in the middle of the room to get the eyeball puzzle.4. Solve the puzzle and get NAVIGATION CODE for the Moon mining colony. It looks like a moon.5. Return to the taxi and use the “motorboat motor” NAVIGATION CODE on the blue slot on the console and press the red button to go to Outstation 2.OUTSTATION 2————-1. Talk with the alien there to learn about need to get a battery.2. Return to the taxi and press the red button to return to the space station.3. Click on the Moon Shuttle red door and solve the concentration puzzle to enter it. (Lots of CD swapping in here).Moon Mining Colony——————-1. Use “moon” NAVIGATION CODE in the slot of the moon shuttle console.2. Click on the display of the moon on the console.3. You arrive in the docking area and there is a train awaiting you.4. Click on the front of the train to make it go.5. At 1st stop, click on the small “building” at the bottom right of the screen to enter the storage room.6. In the storage room get GAS MASK.7. Click on Jenkins´ corpse´s left hand to get BATTERY BLUEPRINT.8. Return to train and click on front (top of screen) to continue forward.9. Next stop is ore processing station. You´ve left the train and are looking at it. Turn right and click straight ahead to make train go to next stop.10. Next stop is a turntable. Using a clock analogy, you enter at 6 o´clock. The recycling center is the door at 9 o´clock. The mine is the door at 12 o´clock. The shield activator is the door at 3 o´clock.11. Go to the recycling center, click the door a 9 o´clock.12. Click on the conveyor belts and then click on the various parts you need to make the battery as they go by. The displayed bluepring shows the ones you need. When the bluepring shows you have them all, click on it to get the BATTERY.13. Return to turntable and go back to the Moon shuttle. (We´ll be back).14. Click on the space station display on the shuttle console to return to the space station.15. Click on the Outstation taxi door.Outstation 2 – visit 2———————–1. Click the blue square if the blue station is not displayed on the taxi console, then click the red console button to go there.2. Click on the machine in the corner.3. Use BATTERY on the machine4. Get YELLOW KEY.5. Return to space station.6. Click on Moon Shuttle door and return to the moon.Moon – visit 2—————1. Go to the train turntable.2. Click on the door at 3 o´clock to go to the shield activator.3. Click on the sphere (shield activator), then click and solve each of the colored “Simon Says” puzzles in the dome to deactivate the force field. The blue one is the hardest with 10 moves. I recommend drawing a picture.4. Return to the turntable and go out the 12 o´clock door to go to the mine and the maze. 2 | __ 5__ |________ (Two bars/underlines | | | | | | equal one click) | |_____| __ __| |__|__ | | | | | | | | | | __| | | _____| | |1 | | | | | |__|__|__| |__ |__ |__ | | | | |_____ | |__ |__ | | | | | | |__|__ |__ |_____ |__| | | | | | __ | __| | __|__| | | | | | | | __| |__ |__|__| |__|__ 4 | | | | | | | | |__| __|__|__ | |__ | | | | | | | |_____| |__|__ | __| | | | | | ENTER 35. Get the skull (1).6. Go to the weapon room (2), turn right, and clickon the crystal puzzle. Solve it to disarm the weapon.7. Turn right and click on the door to go to the weapon console and click on it.8. Click on the 3 earth displays to get EARTH NAVIGATION CODE. (It looks like the Earth).9. Turn right from the console and click on the panel to get DATA DISK 7.10. Return to maze and go to the Alcove (3).11. Click on the Knights Walk puzzle and solve it to get an ALIEN FOETUS. Items marked (4) and (5) are store rooms with nothing you can get.12. Leave maze. You´ll be instructed to unload the minerals from the train at the ore processing site.13. Go through the turntable to the ore processing site.14. Turn left and click on the alien at the end of the room.15. Turn right and click on the ladder.16. Click to go down the ladder on the other side.17. Click on the operations console.18. Click on buttons left to right until train is unloaded.19. Return to train and to shuttle dock and to space station.20. Leave Transport section and go (again) to Science section.Science Section – visit 3————————–1. Go to Biology lab.2. Use GAS MASK on the door with the green vapors.3. Set code 7567 on the left hand machine and click the button on the right hand machine.4. Get PILL – it should be brown and white. If it´s all white, the code is incorrect.5. Go to room with alien in chains and use PILL on him.6. Click on alien to get RED KEY and DATA DISK 4.7. Leave Biology lab and go to computer core.8. Take computer core elevator down.9. Give SKULL to alien and get NAVIGATION CODE – it looks like a disk with 3 spokes.10. Go back to Short range transport, outstation taxi.OUTSTATION 3————-1. Use NAVIGATION CODE (disk with 3 spokes) on the red slot of the taxi console and click the console red button.2. Do blob puzzle and get DATA DISK 6.3. Return to space station and go to Power StationPower Station and End Game—————————1. Go to yellow console (it´s on the “pillar” closest to the safe).2. Look at DATA DISK 6 to get console key codes.3. Use YELLOW KEY in console to lift lid.4. Click arrow keys: Right, Right, Left, Left, Up, Up, Down, Down, Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right5. Click the red button on the console.6. Turn to your right and click on the main Power Station console on the wall.7. Use RED KEY in red/black slot on console.8. Use BLUE KEY in blue/black slot on console. The keyboard is now displayed.9. Look at DATA DISK 4 to get keys to type in. 1) bottom row, first key 2) bottom row, sixth key 3) middle row, eighth key 4) middle row, seventh key 5) top row, ninth key 6) top row, sixth key10. Press the Enter key on the console keyboard. You now have 10 minutes to leave in the Earth Shuttle.11. Go to the Transport section and turn right to go to the Long range transport area.Earth Shuttle————–1. After entering Long range transport area, turn right and click on the red door at the end of the room.2. Click on the console in the room to approach it.3. Click the grey button at the bottom right on the console to close the red door to the room you just entered.4. Click the yellow button at the top right of console to turn off the tractor beam and depressurize the area.5. Click the yellow button again to turn the tractor beam back on.6. Click the grey slide button in the top left of the console to represurrize the area.7. Click the red button on the lower left of console to power up the shuttle.8. Click the grey button on the lower right to open the door to the room you´re in.9. Leave the room and go into the Earth Shuttle.10. Use NAVIGATION CODE (the one that looks like the Earth) on the console. You return to Earth.