Sega Master System

Teddy Boy

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Level Select
While in the Options screen described above, press Up once, then Down nine times, and press Button 1. On the bottom of the screen, “Round” will appear, followed by a number. By pushing the Control Pad to the Left or Right, you will choose your rounds from 1-50. When done, press Button 1 to start at the level you have selected.

At the Title Screen, press Up, Down, Left, Right. A new screen will appear with your three options, “Continue”, “Fire”, and “1-P”.

Continue: Lets you continue from the last round you finished. To continue, choose “yes”. You can’t do this at the beginning of the game, you have to have played and passed round 1!

Fire: Makes it so Teddy Boy’s floor will not disappear under him. To choose this option, choose “No”.

1-P:: Makes the game play in a one or two player mode. To get the two-player mode, choose “No”.