Nintendo Entertainment System

Super Pitfall

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Pool of water with hole:

Find the pool of water with a hole. Go half way through the hole and try to push yourself into its walls (using the “Pass through walls” trick). Once in the wall, hold Down to arrive at the levels which can be accessed only with a key or some other object.

Super jump:

Press A to jump, then press A again in mid-air.

Continue game play:

Press A(3), Select(2) when the title screen re-appears after the game ends. The pointer will move below the two player option to confirm correct code entry. Press Start to resume game play. To continue playing the game after it ends successfully, press Select, A(3), Select, Start at the “Congratulations” screen.

Pass through walls:

Walk towards the wall that want to pass through. Hold the D-pad in the direction of the wall, so Harry keeps pushing against it. The D-pad may need to be held for as long as three minutes before he begins to move into the wall. Harry will move in slowly, then stop for a while before continuing. Note: This trick only works when there are frogs, snakes, spiders or other objects moving around on the same screen. The more moving objects, the faster Harry will move. If the trick did not work, walk back in the other direction a short distance and try again. Use this trick to take shortcuts, reach places without having to find a key or open doors, and go places where Harry has never gone before. It is even possible to move at the very top of the maze — when Harry is in a wall push a button to move up.

Get above the levels:

At the very bottom of the levels, there are pools of water. Once to the left of the balloon, move as far left as possible while at the bottom. Then, use the vine to swing up to the lowest level on the left. From there. go up one level. You will see a spider crawling back and forth. Push yourself into the wall on the left (using the “Pass through walls” trick) until you are in enough to be able to travel up when you jump. Continue going up until you are up above the game’s levels. Once there, you can find invisible ladders, pools of water, platforms and other objects. All this is not visible until you find the spot(s) that can kill you; then you will be able see your location. Everything that is found in the game is all packed in one area. If you go up from here, you will end up at the bottom of the levels of the game.

Shortcut to the balloon:

Get to the left side of the ladder that leads to the balloon. Once in the pool of water, keep pushing left (using the “Pass through walls” trick) towards the ladder until you are completely inside the wall or ladder. Then, press Down until you are standing in order to climb the ladder.