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Star Wars : Battle for Naboo

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Cheat Codes
In Options/Passcodes, enter any of the following cheat codes. You need to hear a click sound, when you inserted a code.

Cheat Code – Granted Wish

JHGNRGAS – All Levels
FMRYLDAD – Dark Side Level
EOWXZGAS – Team Photo
DIWMZIAR – Show Credits
HRDTOKIL – Advanced Shields
LFZWKXAA – Unlimited Lives
XFIIYBAY – SwampSpeeder
JOBXXFAI – Art Gallery
RECTVBAH – Concert Hall
CXSJMIAA – One Hit Kills
ABVUSEAY – Heat Seek Function
NASTYMDE – Harder Mode
FRBPTDAY – Sith Infiltrator