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Star Trek: Starfleet Command

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Star Trek: Starfleet Command is a thrilling PC game that immerses players in the vast and exciting universe of Star Trek. As a commander of a starship in the United Federation of Planets, players must navigate through the galaxy, encountering various alien species, engaging in epic space battles, and completing challenging missions.

The game features stunning graphics that bring the Star Trek universe to life, with detailed starships, planets, and space environments. Players can choose from a variety of iconic Star Trek vessels, each with its own unique strengths and capabilities. Strategic thinking and tactical planning are key to success in this game, as players must outmaneuver and outgun their opponents to emerge victorious.

In addition to the thrilling combat gameplay, Star Trek: Starfleet Command also offers a rich storyline that delves into the complex politics and relationships of the Star Trek universe. Players will interact with familiar characters from the Star Trek series, as well as encounter new allies and enemies along the way.

Whether you’re a die-hard Star Trek fan or just a casual gamer looking for an exciting space adventure, Star Trek: Starfleet Command is sure to provide hours of entertainment and excitement. So, grab your phaser, engage warp drive, and prepare to boldly go where no one has gone before in this epic PC game.

Star Trek: Starfleet Command Game Cheats, Tips, Codes, Hints and Tricks

Cheat :

Get 4000 Prestige PointsWhen Playing a mission (any mission), do an alpha strike on the Aft right shield, but DO NOT DESTROY IT COMPLETELY – It may take a couple of tries not to do this. If you destroy it this will not work. Then fire a photon into the front left shield. Then hit ctrl + f4 and it will give you 4000 prestige points!To increase your prestige in the campaign game go to the Spacedock and sell all of your missiles. Then select the slowest missile engine and buy x4 for a cost of 1) then x3 (at -1, giving you your prestige point back), then x2 (for another -1) then standard (for another -1). Go back to x4 and repeat, going for as much prestige as you need. This will not affect your career prestige for gaining rank, but it does allow you to purchase that much needed upgrade.

Extra prestige points:

Begin any mission and execute an alpha strike on your opponent’s the
aft right shield, but do not completely destroy it. Then, fire a
photon torpedo into the front left shield. Finally, press [Ctrl] +
[F4] to gain 4,000 prestige points.

Cheat mode:

Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup
copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the
“sfbspc13.txt” file in the “assetsspecs” sub-directory. The
following changes can be done: add cloaking ability, change engine
power levels, add shuttles and fighters, change weapons, change
shield levels, add more transporters, troops, mines, and more. Note:
When playing a game in multi-player mode, all players must use an
identical “sfbspc13.txt” file.