Soul Calibur

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Camouflage Code

At the Player Select Screen hold Up on the joystick and press all buttons simultaneously.

Play as Unknown Soul

To play as the Unknown Soul version of your character, hold the start button when you select him or her. This will make your character “see through”. This code will only work AFTER Edge Master has been released.
This code is also compatible with the weapon change code.

Camera Angle

You can change the camera angle after a fight during the replay. You can move it up, down, left, or right, use A to zoom in and B to zoom out.

Change Weapons

This code will only work after Edge Master has been released.
Before chooseing your character, highlight him or her and lightly tap the G button. You will be able to choose which weapon style you want to use, 1 player, 2 Player, or Edge Master (E.M.).

Bonus characters and stages:

Successfully complete the game with each of the standard characters
to unlock a new character or stage. The final character to be
unlocked is Edge Master.

Arcade mode:

Successfully complete the game, including the bonus stages, with
every character.

Alternate costumes:

Press Y while choosing a fighter at the character selection screen.

Alternate underwear color for Sophitia:

Highlight Sophitia and continuously press one of the following
buttons or combinations at the character selection screen until
she performs her pre-battle pose:

X + B
X + Y
Y + B
X + Y + B

Mission battle bonuses:

Successfully complete all the missions to unlock the hidden art in
the museum and a third costume for Sophitia, Voldo, Siegfried, Maxi,
and Xianghua by pressing Y + A while selecting one of those
characters. Completing all mission battles will unlock various
museum options such as exhibition theater, opening direction (change
the introduction), and character profiles. An “Extra Survival” mode
will also be unlocked at the main screen.

Extra weapons:

Unlock Edge Master and successfully complete all mission battles.
Hold L when selecting a fighter on the character selection screen
for extra weapons.

Fight as Unknown Soul:

Unlock Edge Master. Then, hold R when selecting a fighter at the
character selection screen to choose the “see through” Unknown
Soul version.

Fight as Inferno:

Unlock all the characters, stages, and extra bonuses that are
awarded by playing the game in arcade mode and mission mode. Get
every picture in the mission mode. When this is accomplished,
return to the arcade mode, and select Xianghua and her third outfit
by pressing Y + A. If desired, the game may be set to one round and
the easy difficulty. Play through and complete the game with her.
After the credits complete, a new soul (Inferno) will appear to the
right of Edge Master. He randomly switches weapons like Edge Master,
but has some moves of his own that can be done with any weapon.

Alternate title screen:

Successfully complete the game as Inferno.

Change replay focus:

Normally, the replay camera will focus on the winner of the match.
Press B to change the focus to the losing character.

Select victory pose:

Win a match, then press X, Y, or B during the replay to select one
of the victory poses.