Nintendo GameCube

Sonic Heroes

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Metallic characters in single player mode:

Collect 141 emblems in single player story or challenge mode.

Team Chaotix song:

Successfully complete story mode as Team Chaotix.

This Machine song:
Successfully complete story mode as Team Dark.

Unlockables 2 Player Modes

2P Action Race – Unlocked from start
2P Team Battle – Collect 20 emblems
2P Special Stage – Collect 40 emblems
2P Ring Race – Collect 60 emblems
2P Bobsled Race – Collect 80 emblems
2P Quick Race – Collect 100 emblems
2P Expert Race – Collect 120 emblems

We Can song:

Successfully complete story mode as Team Sonic.

Unlockables CG Threatres

Team Chaotix Cinema: Complete Team Chaotix in Story Mode
Team Dark Cinema: Complete Team Dark in Story Mode
Team Rose Cinema: Complete Team Rose in Story Mode
Team Sonic Cinema: Complete Team Sonic in Story Mode

Super Hard difficulty setting:

Successfully complete the game with all “A” ranks and 141 emblems.

The characters you chose will become metal versions of them

Hold A+Y after you select a level in 2-Player Mode

Metal Sheen

Hold A and Y after selecting a 2-player level to have a “metallic” skin covering over your team.

Follow Me song:

Successfully complete story mode as Team Rose.

Playing final stage in story mode:

When you complete one of the story modes, go to the challenge screen. Notice that one of the stages is not there. To play this stage you must get all seven Chaos Emeralds. You can get the Chaos Emeralds by playing the stages before
you face the Boss. Get the key for that stage and go to the bonus stage. Then, catch the Chaos Emerald before you get to the end of the bonus stage. Once you get the all seven Chaos Emeralds, you can play the final stage. There is only one Chaos Emerald for each set of levels.