Nintendo Entertainment System

Snake Rattle And Roll

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Advance to level 8:

Get to the end of level 1 within four seconds to find a rocket at the end of the level to advance to level 8.

Unreachable items:

Allow the shark to catch you on levels 1 and 2. It will eject you into the air and allow you to reach the items that were previously too high.

Advance to level 3:

On the level 1, get on the first island in the water and press A and then B very quickly to advance to level 3.

Advance to level 5:

Collect the key in the well, then jump to the top of the pyramid on level 3 as soon as possible.

Yellow fish and extra life:

At the very end of the level 8 (the fish level), do not go into the door, but instead go back. You should see a flying carpet, like in level 5. Get on it, and get the clock before you get the extra life. After you get the extra life and are in the water, all the fish will be yellows. Also, If you swim alongside the spikes, on the ground in the lake, is a hidden extra life.