Sims, The : Vacation

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Cheat mode

Press [Ctrl] + [Shift] + C during game play to display a prompt in the upper left corner of the screen. Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note:Enter [Exclamation point] at the prompt to repeat the last cheat entered. Enter a [Semi-colon] between codes to enter multiple codes at the same time. Additionally, most of the codes will only work with the unpatched version of the game.

rosebud1000 Simoleons
hist_addAdd new family history stat to the current family
write_destlistAppends the route destination list to AllRoutes.txt every time a route is found
auto_levelArchitecture tools automatically set the level as needed
importAutomatically import and load indicated FAM file
houseAutomatically load indicated house, no questions asked
prepare_lotCheck and fix required lot objects
flushCompletely flush app to VM file when running Windows NT
crashCrash game
water_toolCreate moat or streams
shrink_text Create shrunk_text_#.bmp files
edit_charCreate-a-character mode
interestsDisplay personality and interests
draw_all_frames offDraw all animation frames disabled
draw_all_frames onDraw all animation frames enabled
draw_originsDraw colored dots at each person’s origin
core_dumpDump entire memory to core_dump_[date:time].txt
dump_happyDump selected person’s most recent list of scored interactions to a file
dump_mcDump selected person’s motive contribution curve to a file
debug_socialEnable debug flag to show outcome choice dialogs for social interactions
sim_log endEnd sim logging
chtExecute "file.cht" file as a list of cheats
draw_floorable offFloorable grid disabled
draw_floorable onFloorable grid enabled
assertForce an assert for testing
log_animationsLog animations in the event log window
map_edit offMap editor disabled
map_edit onMap editor enabled
move_objects onMove any object
tutorial offNo tutorial object generation when tutorial house is loaded
browser_failsafePrevent web browser crashes
preview_anims offPreview animations disabled
preview_anims onPreview animations enabled
tile_infoProgrammer stats
quitQuit game
#importRead in behavior tuning constants from Tuning.txt
rebuild_cpRebuilds entire control panel/UCP from scratch
refresh_facesRefresh the BMP_ resources for all people whose IFF files are writable
refresh_texturesRematch dependent textures and regenerate bitmaps for all user characters
restore_tutRestore tutorial
rotationRotate camera
route_balloons offRouting debug balloons disabled
route_balloons onRouting debug balloons enabled
fam_testRun series of random operations on unhoused families
saveSave currently loaded house
historySave family history file
plughSay "plugh"
porntipsguzzardoSay "porntipsguzzardo"
xyzzySay "xyzzy"
draw_routes onSelected person’s path displayed
draw_routes offSelected person’s path hidden
log_maskSet event logging mask
autonomySet free thinking level
sim_speedSet game speed
edit_grass :Set grass change value
grow_grassSet grass growth
lot_sizeSet lot size
sim_limitSet maximum milliseconds to allow simulator
sim_speedSet sim speed
set_hourSet time of day (unpatched game version)
bubble_tweakSet z offset for thought bubbles
Sets the neighborhood directory to the path

Sets up the borders of the lot with non-editable flag. Requires rotation
allow_inuseSets whether menu items appear for in use objects
memviewShow memory view window in debug builds of the game
Start sim loggingsim_log begin
sweep offTicks disabled
sweep onTicks enabled
visitor_controlToggle allowing visitors to be controlled using the keyboard
report_assetsToggle assets report
auto_resetToggle automatic object reset feature
sim_peekToggle calls to PeekMessage within sim loop
cam_modeToggle camera mode
all_menusToggle display of unavailable interactions in person control menus
musicToggle music
obj_compToggle object compression in save file
quatsToggle quaternion transformations
sound_logToggle sound log window
soundToggle sounds
htmlToggle web page creation
reload_peopleTotal reload of people skeletons, animations, suits and skins
soundeventTrigger sound event
write_routesWrite out an RTE file every time a route is found
#exportWrite out behavior tuning constants to Tuning.txt