Simpsons Game, The

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Pet Homer

When using Pet Homer, tap his right knee to make him kick. Tap his left foot to tickle him.

Mythos Of Marge: Easy completion

An easy way to finish the Mythos of Marge level is to stand in the ash tray and wait for the dragon to return there. Punch it while it is inside the ash tray. You will not be harmed by the fire because there is an invisible shield in the ash tray.

Items for Pet Homer and Clichés

Make sure to get all the Duff Beer Caps, Krusty Koupons, Marge’s Coupons, and Malibou Stacy Cards to unlock items for Pet Homer and Clichés. Note: You can go back to older levels to use new powers you have unlocked. Also in the for the first level, “Chocolate Land”, go to the Simpson’s house and tap the thought bubble.

Cheat mode:

Enter one of the following codes in the “Extras” menu. A sound effect will confirm correct code entry.

Unlimited power:

Press Plus, Left, Right, Plus, Minus, Z at the “Extras” menu.

All movies:

Press Minus, Left, Minus, Right, Plus, C at the “Extras” menu.

All Clich�s

Press Left, Minus, Right, Plus, Right, Z at the “Extras” menu.