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Silent Hunter

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Silent Hunter is a thrilling submarine simulation game that puts players in command of a World War II era submarine. As the captain of a U-boat, players must navigate treacherous waters, evade enemy ships and aircraft, and strategically plan their attacks on enemy vessels.

The game offers a realistic and immersive experience, with detailed graphics and authentic sound effects that bring the tension of underwater warfare to life. Players must carefully manage their crew, resources, and equipment to ensure the success of their missions.

With a variety of missions and objectives to complete, Silent Hunter offers endless hours of gameplay for fans of naval warfare and strategy games. Whether you prefer to sneak past enemy patrols or engage in intense battles, this game offers a unique and challenging experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

So, prepare to dive deep into the depths of the ocean and test your skills as a submarine captain in Silent Hunter. Can you outsmart the enemy and emerge victorious in the dangerous waters of World War II? Play now and find out!

Silent Hunter Game Cheats, Tips, Codes, Hints and Tricks

Cheat :

Cheat mode:Select the “Realism” icon at the “War Patrol” screen. You can now toggle unlimited ammunition, unlimited fuel, and invincibility options.

Walkthrough :

Silent Steel Walkthrough – Game RevolutionSILENT STEEL WALKTHROUGH– means this is the answer you are to click on for a reply.(Stateroom)–This is the Captain.–Okay, Read it to me.–Have someone bring it to me.–Stand by, Lieutenant.–Have the XO report to my Stateroom right away. Dismissed Lieuentenant.–A kilo Class Submarine is believed to have exited the Med. It may beor may not be headed into our patrol area.–How she got out is anybodys guess. I want a full tactical dump onthe kilo class Subs, and lets brief Sonar right away.(Sonar)–I want you supervising sonar, Mr. Foster drag a cot in here if youhave to.–We were liaison-authorized to talk to the Carrier Group. Lets getthem on the horn.(Conn)–I received the message from COMSUBLANT., sir. Do you have additionalinformation about the compromise of my patrol area?(Wardroom)–At best speed, what are the probable positions of a submarine thatexited the Mediterranean 72 hours ago?–Kilo class submarine, export type. Possibly with a performance upgrade.–Standard speed will be sufficient, but lets go deep. see that thesonar watches are doubled as well. AT THIS POINT THE CAPTAIN SHOULD AUTOMATICALLY LEAD THEXO TO WEPS.(Weps–torpedo bay)–Id like to load all tubes make each ready to fire.(Sonar)–was it a malfunction in your gear?–Best guess, Ensign, What is it?–This buzz at 5 hz. It doesnt interfere with your processing abilities?–How long would a hull search take?NOTE: USUALLY, THE XO SAYS “WEDHAVE TO BRING THE SHIP TO 150 FEET MINIMUM…”BUT THIS TIME HE SAID …”WEDHAVE TO LOCK OUT A SWIMMER MR. FOSTER , AND WITH SOMEONE OUT THERE LOOKINGFOR US , THE SURFACE LAYER ISNT THE PLACE TO PLAY HIDE AND SEEK.”–I want to lock out a diver XO. I want a thorough hull search.(The XO says insert Disc #4)After a few cut sceans youll see a diver coming down the ladder witha device in his hand.–Get it back to the Cheif Engineer. I want to know what it is, whatit does, and what it is doing on my ship.(Wardroom)–Im willing to listen to a list of suspects. Who had the opportunity,or the motive to stick that thing on the hull.–What about you wheeler? Did you pass by the fairwater before we submerged?–Everyones a suspect, Mr. Wheeler, untill I find out who put thatwhistle on the hull of my sub.[ICE CREAM 27 VIDEO](Passageway)Here, the XO and Master Cheif bring in the line handling party. Littleby little, they remove people untill only Bubba Holland is left. MasterCheif brings him into the ward room.(Wardroom)–I think I have a grasp of the tacical situation. Id like to hearsome suggestions.–You mean the Akulas deliberately trying to give away her location?Master Chief offers a “weird” suggestion.–I dont need weird, Master Chief. Lets rig for silent running. Ourbest course of action is to make like a hole in the water.(Conn)Mr. Wheeler reports a request to contact the battle group.–Very well, My intentions are to come to periscope depth. Sonar, doyou hold any contacts at this time?Ms. Matthews appears and says “Admiral Plaskett?”–This is the commanding officer of the USS Idaho, and who might yoube?–Ive got some questions, hope youve got some answers. Why is a Libyansubmarine a threat to us?–Why would the Russian Navy be trying to sink us?Ms. Matthews says ” Ill have to review your clearance information Captain,before I can continue this brief.”The Kilo fires a torpedo at you.–Get me a firing solution.–Fire tube one.–Prepare to fire second torpedo.–Fire tube two.The Kilo will change its acoustic signature to duplicate you, and thetorpedo will automatically disengage.–Place a Mk48 into command mode. Order the torpedo to kill Sierra 25.–I gave you an order, XO. Put the Mk48 into command mode, order itto kill Sierra 25.That will sink the Kilo boat.( TIME TO SWITCH TO DISK 4 AGAIN )THE MASTER CHEIF AND XO MEET IN THE GALLEY, AND DISCOVER SOME EVIDENCEPOINTING TO MR. WHEELER. ONCE THEY CONFIRM ITS PART OF THE DEVICE, THEYREPORT TO THE CONN, AND INFORM YOU ABOUT THEIR DISCOVERY.(Conn)–Place him under arrest, XO.(Passageway)–Put the gun down Wheeler, You dont really want to hurt anyone.(Ice Cream 27)Sonar operator reports contact with Akula submarine.(Conn)–Get me a firing solution.–Match bearings and shoot.–Mr. Foster, whats the time to Mk48 impact?(Ice Cream 27)In an effort to help, Ice Cream comes up with an ingenious diversionfor the Akulas torpedo.(Conn)–Come to periscope depth. Give him a nav fix.–Shoot–Ready tube two.(Ice Cream 27 landing)*****FROM HERE ON OUT, YOU ARE ABLE TO MAKE WHATEVER CHOICES YOU LIKE.*****THERE ARE THREE DIFFRENT ENDINGS.

Cheat mode:
Select the “Realism” icon at the “War Patrol” screen. You can now toggle
unlimited ammunition, unlimited fuel, and invincibility options.