PlayStation 2

Shutokou Battle 01

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Boosted NA engines

Hold Select at the track selection screen and keep it held until game play begins under your control Press Select to use a turbo boost. Note: This does not work with all cars.

Expert mode

Hold Square at the track selection screen to give the CPU car a five star difficulty.

The Lord GT40

Defeat the Boss “The Lord” and buy the custom car “The Lord GT40” and the “Level 9 Engine Tune”. You now should get 700 hp and 70 kgm with this car. To defeat the bosses “D3 Supra” and “The Emperor Skyline”, use this car. To buy this car, you need around 6,000,000. The “Level 9 Engine Tune” costs about 280,000,000.

Unlocking cars and adding parts

To unlock more cars and add parts, defeat CPU cars. To unlock more cars ,you must defeat a new Boss ,Team Leader or Wanderer. Sometimes after you defeat some Bosses or Team Leaders, you will also unlock add parts. For a Team Member , you can only can unlock add parts. If you already unlocked all the highways, you may have already unlocked about 80% of the add parts on your list. If you have a Skyline or Supra, it can be tuned up to 600 hp or more.

Easy Boss challenge

Challenge a Boss at the corner area or before the corner. That is the only weak point for a Boss. For the Boss “The Lord”, start the challenge at the highway that only fits one car only. After that, it will lose control and crash at the corner to the right.

Change engine

When the odometer reaches 2000 km, you will be able to change the engine.