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Shockwave Assault

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Embark on an adrenaline-fueled space adventure with Shockwave Assault, a thrilling PC game that will have you on the edge of your seat! In this action-packed game, you’ll pilot a powerful spaceship through a series of intense missions, battling enemy forces and dodging obstacles along the way.

With stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, Shockwave Assault will transport you to a futuristic world filled with danger and excitement. Take on challenging missions, upgrade your ship with powerful weapons and defenses, and test your skills against formidable foes.

Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or new to the world of PC games, Shockwave Assault offers a heart-pounding experience that will keep you coming back for more. So buckle up, engage your thrusters, and get ready for the ultimate space combat adventure!

Shockwave Assault Game Cheats, Tips, Codes, Hints and Tricks

Cheat :

Cheat mode:Start a new game (or rename an entry from a saved game) with one of the following player names to activate the corresponding cheat function.Effect Code Super shields and lasers THINKBLUE Level select PLAYLEVEL

Walkthrough :

Mission 1: EgyptThere are three objectives in this mission. Valley of the KingsDestroy all aliens here in order to complete the first objective. There are eighteen aliens to be destroyed. (10 Tripods and 8 flying Scouts). Be careful; one Tripod slowly tries to escape on the left of the path. If you are slow, you may not be able to destroy it. GizaDestroy all aliens here in order to complete the second objective. There are fifteen aliens to destroy. (10 regular Tripods, 2 strong Tripods, and 3 Scouts). CairoDestroy all aliens here in order to complete the third objective. There are twenty aliens to destroy and one Boss. (4 regular Tripods, 8 stronger Tripods, 8 Scouts, and 1 Fortress). To destroy the Boss, use missiles. Avoid approaching too closely. Launch one or two missiles from a distance, make a U-turn, and repeat the approach. CommentsTo accomplish this mission no other aliens than those present at these three sites need to be destroyed. However, try to destroy the three Tripods present on the refinery site, in the middle of some fuel tanks. If they are destroyed and the refinery is left intact, a bonus Refueler will appear later on the left of the path. There are four possible Refuelers in this mission. The second is determined by the outcome in the refinery site, and the fourth is appears only if the first two objectives are met. Always check that the Refueler has stopped turning before allowing it out of to pass out of range. Your ship may sometimes refuel twice. When a Refueler is spotted, do a refueling, destroy any aliens that are past the Refueler, and then return to the refuel again. At an objective location, it is generally better to destroy the flying aliens first, and then the ground aliens. Try to save the missiles for the flying aliens. Unless a high score is your goal, do not waste time and energy by destroying all the aliens on your path. Stay focused on the objectives.—————————————————————-Mission 2: Peru There are two objectives in this mission. All the aliens in the two towns must be destroyed. CommentsThis is a very easy mission. Shoot all the alien air units, then attack the ground forces. Use the Refueler in the Andes and fly directly to Lima and shoot all the way to the end.—————————————————————Mission 3: Las Vegas to Los Angeles There are five objectives in this mission. Las VegasDestroy all aliens here in order to complete the first objective. There are twenty aliens to destroy. (3 Tripods, 5 Collectors, 7 Scouts, and 5 Interceptors). RiversideDestroy all aliens here in order to complete the second objective. There are twenty-five aliens to destroy. (4 Tripods, 7 Collectors, 3 Scouts, 5 Interceptors, 3 Mobile AA, 1 Heat Seeker, and 2 Swarms). The four Power Cells, but not the Prison, must also be destroyed. PasadenaDestroy all aliens here in order to complete the third objective. There are nineteen aliens to destroy. (3 Tripods, 3 strong Tripods, 2 Collectors, 3 Interceptors, 2 Mobile AA, 5 Heat Seekers, and 1 Swarm). The four Power Cells, but not the Prison, must also be destroyed. BurbankDestroy all aliens here in order to complete the fourth objective. There are twenty aliens to destroy. (6 strong Tripods, 3 Collectors, 3 Interceptors, 4 Mobile AA, 3 Heat Seekers, and 1 Scout). Be careful; two Mobile AA units quickly try to escape on the left of the path. If you are not fast enough in the beginning of this objective, you may not be able to destroy them. Los AngelesDestroy all aliens here in order to complete the fifth objective. There are fifteen aliens to destroy. (5 Scouts, 4 strong Tripods, and 6 Swarms). New fast moving craft called Cobras also must be destroyed (their number depends on performance of the previous objectives). Twelve Power Cells must be destroyed in order to free three Prisons. Be careful with the satellite dishes. Do not destroy more than one. CommentsIf no buildings are damaged in Las Vegas, two bonuses will be available: The first Refueler is going to be full, rather than partially filled (this Refueler is not visible on radar because a tripod is at the exact same position). An extra Refueler will be available in Riverside, far on the left of the path, and invisible on the radar. Protect the atomic power plant from the Collectors walking towards it (or your ship will be destroyed) and also save the six close towers from the Tripods. If they are saved, an extra Refueler will be available on the far left of the path in Los Angeles. After Pasadena, in the Refinery region, there is a partial Refueler that is invisible on radar on the right of the path. To destroy a Swarm, just shoot the immobile one.—————————————————————-Mission 4: EnglandThere are four objectives in this mission Destroy transportsDestroy all transport vehicles and aliens in the first section to complete the first objective. ICE will state when this this stage is completed. Destroy second transport groupDestroy all alien ships and transports in the second section to complete the second objective. Destroy alien clusterThe third section is a little tricky. ICE will state that it might be acceptable to just fly by this cluster of aliens. However, this is the third mission objective, so everything must be destroyed in this region. The aliens also will leave the screen, so be careful not to let anything escape. Construction siteThe fourth section, and last objective, is a construction site that ICE says to destroy. It has a line of alien ground-to-air “Directors” that can cause extreme damage to the shields of your craft. CommentsAt the end of the mission, there is a line of alien ground-to-air “Directors” that will fire at your ship. Destroy the center Director and use the thrusters to move past them. This will complete the objective. After the construction site, a group of aliens and a helicopter will appear. The helicopter is used to pick up Howser. If the helicopter is accidently destroyed, the mission will fail.—————————————————————-Mission 5: Hawaii There are five objectives in this mission. The main goal is to destroy the communication systems (Radar) and save the U.S.S. Kennedy. First Radar site (ground)Find and destroy the first group of 5 Radars. (Listen to ICE). Prisoner rescue operation (sea)Free two groups of two barges of prisoners. Destroy the two leading alien boats without destroying the four barges and the cruise ship. Second Radar site (sea)Find and destroy the second group of seven Radars. (Listen to ICE). Third Radar site (sea)Find and destroy the third group of five Radars. (Listen to ICE). Kennedy rescue operation (sea)Destroy all the aliens surrounding the Kennedy. Between fifteen to nineteen aliens (less if the previous objectives have been successfully completed) must be destroyed. They are: two Skeeters, five Skimmers, four Submarines, three Scouts, and one to five Cobras (depending on mission performance). To end this final objective, destroy the final Boss; the “Morphing Tower”. Do not get to close or it will start the morphing operation. CommentsIn the middle of the volcano is a “Pumper” that provides the energy for the Energy Fence located on land between objectives four and five. If this Pumper is destroyed, the Fence will be inactive; otherwise the Fence will be very dangerous. On the Prisoner rescue operation (objective two) be very careful selecting which vessels to destroy. The lead vessels that must be destroyed are actually the last ones that will be approached. They are going in the same direction as the flight path. There are two sets of ships to destroy. Be very careful on the second group. There is a ship next to it. If the ship is destroyed, it will not be able to pick up the prisoners and the objective will not be completed. Between objectives four and five are three giant alien boats. Destroy them and to get a bonus Refueler on the right of the path after the Kennedy location. Between the objectives three and four (two Radar locations) is an extra Refueler not displayed on radar on the left of the path Avoid getting too close to the Kennedy or risk collision. The “Special Force Shield” arming your aircraft may destroy the Kennedy, which is already fragile. —————————————————————-Mission 6: Utah There are six objectives in this mission. Excavator siteDestroy the three Excavators just past the wall of AA. Second excavator siteDestroy the four Excavators past another wall of AA. Egg siteDestroy the first Egg site. It is guarded by a group of alien units. Once it has been destroyed, use the thrusters to get past them. Third excavator siteDestroy another four Excavators. ICE will tell you once you have completed this that there are no Egg sites left. Second egg siteDestroy another Egg site. Use the same tactical strategy as used with destroying the first Egg site. DubwayDestroy the giant alien in the city of Dubway. CommentsTo destroy the excavators hit them with two nuclear missiles and some laser fire. There are two ways to destroy the Egg site: destroy the Egg itself by using missiles and lasers on it; or destroy the surrounding alien units and the Egg will automatically be destroyed. When the giant alien in Dubway is confronted, do not worry about destroying the buildings. The objective will be completed when the alien is destroyed. There are a lot of aliens in this mission that do not need to be killed. Ignore them to save missiles and lasers. Use the thrusters to get past them. There is a hidden Refueler in the canyon that is not on the radar. —————————————————————-Mission 7: Mexico There are four objectives in this mission. Excavators and egg siteDestroy the two Excavators and the first Egg site. Remember that they are both heavily guarded, so be precise when attacking them. Second egg siteDestroy the second Egg site. Use the same technique that used in Mission 6. Third egg siteDestroy the third Egg site. RobotsDestroy the robotic aliens. There are three of them and they are heavily armored. Use both missiles and lasers to destroy them. CommentsThe two Excavators in the first objective need to be hit with three missiles and some random laser fire to be destroyed. Destroy the Fortress and receive a better Refueler later in the mission. Destroy the four flying alien “Hunters” or they will follow your ship throughout each section. —————————————————————-Mission 8: CongoThere are four objectives in this mission. Silo groupDestroy the Landing Pads and everything inside the first two Silos. Second silo groupDestroy everything in the next two Silos. It is very important to destroy all Eggs in order to complete the objective. Landing padsDestroy all the Landing Pads. ICE will state that this is very important! Spider alienDestroy the spider alien. CommentsThe first Refueler is guarded by mines. To disable the mines and create a clear path to the fuel drone, take out the magnetic field underneath the fuel drone. Then, take out the two Radar stations just over the hill. There is also a Tripod alien that must be destroyed. There is a giant alien directly after a Refueler near the end of objective one. Fly through fast and fire missiles immediately. The continuous fire from the missiles will destroy the alien. After completing this, fly back to the Refueler and regain the missiles that were lost. The third Silo that must be destroyed is very tricky! After all the Eggs are destroyed, your ship must be maneuvered past a set of steel fangs. If your ship is hit in any way by the steel fangs, it will be destroyed. Use your thrusters to time the exit out of that Silo In the last objective, a giant spider-type alien will confront your ship. Destroy the magnetic field first, then start using missiles on the alien. If your ship’s resources have been depleted, there is a Refueler directly to the west side of the path that will recharge the shields and missiles. —————————————————————-Mission 9: Paris (Clouds)There are seven objectives in this mission. Communication towersDestroy the six communication towers to complete the first six objectives. Snake alienDestroy the giant snake alien to complete the final objective. Double back and hit it a few times with missiles and lasers in order to destroy it. CommentsWhen destroying any of the communication towers, destroy the big unit first. After it is destroyed, pick off the little communication devices that surround it. Make sure that Refuelers are put to good use, because there is a group of swarming alien units that guard these communication devices. After the first two O2 generators are picked up, a giant snake-like alien will appear. Do not get too close to it because the damage it gives out is deadly. Do not destroy the third O2 generator when trying to destroy the alien. If the third O2 generator is destroyed, the mission will fail. —————————————————————Mission 10: Moon (Mothership) There is only one objective in this mission: reach the Mother Brain and destroy it. It will take a while to reach it because it is located in the back of the Mothership. CommentsUse the thrusters to bypass many of the aliens. Since there is only one objective, it would be wise not to waste much time on the alien units that fire at your ship. When the mother ship is reached, there will be a Refueler directly above it. Destroy it. It will start firing when approached. Watch the surface of the moon for magnetic fields. They can be quite annoying if your ship becomes stuck in one. Scattered throughout the mother ship are “Pumpers”. They do not fire at your ship. Take out as many as possible because it makes killing the Mother Brain easier. When the Mother Brain is approached, try to destroy the aliens surrounding it first instead of hitting it directly. This might make the final objective a little easier. Destroy the big octagonal human base on the moon near the beginning of the level. Elvis will be among the wreckage. —————————————————————-Mission 11: Milk Run (Bonus Fun Mission)There are no objectives to this mission. CommentsShoot targets, explore the scenery, and view programmer’s pictures. Mission 1 – MarsThere are four objectives in this mission. Counter 251: Destroy two posts (on the far left and the far right). This will prevent the large alien located at counter 243 from blocking the flight path. Counter 243: A ring-shaped alien will block the flight path unless the posts at counter 251 were destroyed. Kill it to continue. Counter 213: Destroy the pylons that are pushing back your ship. Killing some of them will allow you to continue past them and refuel. Counter 160 (Objective 1): Destroy the eight tower guns. Counter 114 (Objective 2): Destroy the three clusters of mining sites. Counter 88 (Objective 3): Destroy the alien convoys (composed of six groups and about 22 actual ships). There is a Refueler on the left. Counter 20 (Objective 4): Destroy the four energy machines outside of the energy fence. Once they are destroyed the fence will deactivate. Running into the fence will deplete most of your shields. There are four pumpers in the fence. Destroy them to complete the objective.—————————————————————Mission 2 – MarsThere are four objectives in this mission. Counter 250 (Objective 1): Destroy the five alien vehicles. Counter 180 (Objective 2): Destroy the three groups of four greenhouses. Counter 153: Navigate through the maze. Stay low in canyons to avoid the powerful guns that will deplete your shields. Counter 78: (Objective 3): Destroy the nine ice melting machines. At counter 71, destroy the large pumping device. Follow the pipeline and destroy the pumping devices on the line. Counter 19: (Objective 4): Destroy the five prison escorts located on the ground.—————————————————————-Mission 3 – IoThere are four objectives in this mission. Counter 192: Destroy the three radars so the first landing site can be ambushed. Counter 145 (approximate): Use the Refueler to upgrade from Hellfires to the more powerful Nukes. Until counter 17, all Refuelers will supply Nukes. Counter 137 (Objective 1): Nuke all aliens on ground. This task is easier if the radar sites at counter 192 were destroyed. Counter 105: Destroy the three radars so the second landing site can be ambushed. Counter 87 (Objective 2): Nuke all aliens on ground. This task is easier if the radar sites at counter 105 were destroyed. Counter 46: Destroy the three radars so that the third landing site can be ambushed. Counter 30 (Objective 3): Nuke all aliens on ground. This task is easier if the radar sites at counter 46 were destroyed. Counter 17: This Refueler downgrades your missiles to Hellfires. Counter 3: (Objective 4) Destroy the massive target to complete the mission. —————————————————————-Mission 4 – TitanThere is one objective in this mission. Counter 219: Destroy the four beacons to prevent repulsing pylons (the same as in Mission 1) from appearing at counter 188. Counter 159: Destroy the large alien that is blocking the flight path. Counter 137 (Objective 1): Escort the science ship safely throughout the whole mission. Aliens will not only fire at you, but also the science ship. The science ship appears at counter 137. Do not go too far ahead of the ship, or it will be destroyed and the mission will terminate immediately. Stay slightly in front of the ship and kill all aliens to clear a path. When the science ship starts losing its shields, it will turn from blue to red. Counter 98: The science ship will land at the first ruin site. Counter 40: The science ship will land at the second ruin site. —————————————————————-Mission 5 – AsteroidThere is one objective in this mission. Counter 243: Destroy the six buildings that appear in the first half of the mission to obtain an extra Refueler later. The buildings are located at counters 243 (2), 113, 111, 104 (2). Counter 194: Destroy the four power generators. If they are not destroyed, no more Refuelers will appear. The power generators are located at counters 194 (2), 181, and 179. Counter 153: Destroy the four radar jamming devices. If they are not destroyed, your radar screen will be inoperable. The radar jamming stations are located at counters 153, 146, 142, and 132. Counter 113: Destroy the large alien. If it is not destroyed here, it will reappear two more times during the mission. Counter 25 (Objective 1): Destroy the six tuning fork aliens. This will remove the energy fence. The large alien (the source of the energy field that protects the Jumpgate) within the fence will start to retreat. A lot of lasers hits and Hellfires are needed to destroy it.

Create a New Player with any of the following names (or rename a saved
player file):

– THINKBLUE –> Super strong shields and lasers
– PLAYLEVEL + Level # –> Skip to the chosen level.