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Shattered Steel

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Shattered Steel is a thrilling and action-packed game that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. In this futuristic world, players take on the role of a skilled pilot controlling a powerful mech as they battle against hordes of enemies and navigate through treacherous landscapes.

The game features stunning graphics and immersive gameplay that will transport you into a post-apocalyptic world filled with chaos and destruction. With a wide range of weapons and upgrades at your disposal, you must strategically plan your attacks and outmaneuver your foes to emerge victorious.

As you progress through the game, you will uncover the dark secrets of the world and face increasingly challenging enemies that will test your skills and reflexes. With its intense combat, gripping storyline, and adrenaline-pumping action, Shattered Steel is a must-play for fans of sci-fi shooters and mech combat games.

So gear up, pilot your mech, and prepare for an epic battle in Shattered Steel – the fate of the world is in your hands. Are you ready to save humanity from the brink of destruction?

Shattered Steel Game Cheats, Tips, Codes, Hints and Tricks

Cheat :

Cheat mode:Press [Enter], type one of the following codes, then press [Enter] again to activate the corresponding cheat function.Effect Code Destroy targeted item smite Friendly planet runners capone Shiva planet runner henchman Eject from runner ragnarok Friendly flyers rodrigo Speed gonzales Medium laser ratsnest Heavy laser dingleberry Rapid laser blipplebloops LIB pack bcua LB pack cgq 18 item pack gfy RD missiles kwahamot IR missiles fishheads Hrpd laser bumsauce Napalm napalminthemorning Mortar eatmyshorts H plas kicksomebutt Kill everything pyrotek Novaan tinkerbell Nuclear weapon chernobyl 30 mm gun hardcode 50 mm gun curvedlines 70 mm gun bigones 120 mm gun dogan 210 mm gun fnord Mine stool R mine numberchanger Teleport away from fire zone teleport Successfully end mission imouttahere Full ammunition lockandload New visual effects cleese Change textures of every bot monkeyslunch Lightning storm until level ends storm

To use, hit enter first like you are going to send a
message. Then type the cheat and hit enter again.

Actions: Results:

SMITE –> destroys targeted item.
CAPONE –> makes planet runners.
RODRIGO –> makes friendly flyers
HENCHMAN –> makes Shiva planet runner
GONZALES –> gives you serious speed.
RAGNAROK –> ejects you from runner.
FNORD –> 210mm
RATSNEST –> Md laser
BCUA –> LIB pack
CGQ –> LB pack
GFY –> 18 pack
KWAHAMOT –> Rd missiles
FISHHEADS –> IR missiles
BUMSAUCE –> Hrpd laser
BIGONES –> 70mm
PYROTEK –> kills everything
DOGAN –> 120mm
CHERNOBYL –> a nuke
HARDCODE –> 30mm
STOOL –> mine
TELEPORT –> teleports you
IMOUTTAHERE –> successfully ends mission
LOCKANDLOAD –> replentish weapons
NAPALMINTHEMORNING –> napalm-like laydown