Sega Rally 2006

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Championship Expert mode in Sega Rally 1995 bonus disc

After selecting Championship, while still at the car select screen. Note that this is only for the included Sega Rally 1995 bonus disc, and not Sega Rally 2006 itself. Enter: Press Shift-Up 4 times (R2 on Dual Shock, paddles/stick on Logitech wheel), then select car.

Sega Rally 1995:
Championship Expert mode:

Select the “Championship” option then press R2(4) at the car selection screen. Select a car, then

Lakeside course in Practice mode:

Select the “Practice” option, and select a car. At the course selection screen, highlight the
“Mountain” course. Then, hold Square and press R2(4), L1. While still holding Square, allow the
countdown to end while the “Mountain” course is still highlighted.