Rune Factory : Shin Bokujou Monogatari

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JP Voices

While the anime movie plays in the beginning, hold down the R button and then press A. It should say “Rune Factory” in japanese if done correctly. The rest of the game will use japanese voicings.

Dungeon Passes

How to acquire a pass for each dungeon.

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Carmite CaveTill 100 squares on your farm
Clemens CaveTill 100 squares in the Toros Cave and defeat the Chimera
Dannan CaveDefeat the Golum in the Kasmir Ruins
Greed CaveDefeat the Battle Tank in the Dannan Cave
Kasmir RuinsTill 100 squares in the Misty Bloom Cave and defeat the Siren
Misty Bloom CaveTill 100 squares in Mt. Gigant and defeat the Dragon
Mt. GigantRescue Cecilia in Clemens cave and defeat the Rafflesia(the Plant)
Toros CaveTill 50 squares in the Carmite Cave and defeat the Greater Daemon

Easy level up for items

Take the item you want to level and go to the seashell on the beach. Trade it with a friend. It should have grown a level. Trade back and forth and you can easily get high level items.