PlayStation 2

Romance Of The Three Kingdoms 11

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Two Extra Scenarios

If you have Romance of the Three Kingdoms X save data on your memory card, it will unlock two extra scenarios, “Lu Bu Campaign” and “Power Struggle.”

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
10 new officersClear 1 tutorial
10 new officersClear 4 tutorials
12 new officersClear all 8 tutorials

Bonus officers in Challenge Scenarios

Successfully complete the indicated Challenge Scenario to unlock the corresponding bonus officer.

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Cui ZhoupingHunting Dong Zhuo Challenge Scenario
Guan NingGuan Du Skirmish Challenge Scenario
Lu BaisheMai Castle Escape Challenge Scenario
Meng JianLiu Bei’s Subjugation Challenge Scenario
Shi TaoThe Turbans’ End Challenge Scenario
Wang TaoNanman Rebellion Challenge Scenario
Wang YueDefense of Jie Ting Challenge Scenario
Zhang ShipingHuang Zu Challenge Scenario

Created officer portraits and models

Successfully complete the “Rise of Heroes” scenario to unlock historical portraits and models for created officers.