Game Boy Advance

R-Type 3

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R-Type 3 for Game Boy Advance is a thrilling and action-packed space shooter game that will keep players on the edge of their seats. In this third installment of the popular R-Type series, players take on the role of a skilled pilot tasked with defending Earth from an alien invasion.

With its stunning graphics and smooth gameplay, R-Type 3 delivers an immersive gaming experience that will captivate players from start to finish. The game features a variety of challenging levels, each filled with hordes of enemy ships and powerful bosses that will test the player’s skills and reflexes.

Players can upgrade their ship with various power-ups and weapons, allowing them to unleash devastating attacks on their foes. With its fast-paced gameplay and intense action, R-Type 3 is sure to provide hours of entertainment for fans of the shooter genre.

So buckle up, pilot, and get ready to take on the alien threat in R-Type 3 for Game Boy Advance. Can you save Earth from destruction and emerge victorious in this epic battle for survival? Play now and find out!

R-Type 3 Game Cheats, Tips, Codes, Hints and Tricks

Level Password

2 – 5BDGB
3 – 5HHLQ
4 – 5MGLT
5 – 5RFLX
6 – 5WDL0

Level Password
6 5WDL0