PSP (hardware)

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Alternate background:

To change the background of your PSP, just change the month at the “Date And Time” settings screen.

January: Silver
February: Yellow/orange
March: Light Green
April: Pink
May: Green
June: Purple
July: Teal
August: Blue (like on the box)
September: Darker Purple
October: Orange
November: Brown
December: Red

Soft reset:

To reset a game, hold L + R + Start. Some games will take you to the title screen and others may take you to the main menu.

Full screen wallpaper:

If you have firmware version 2.0 or greater and are using a picture as your wallpaper, use the following trick if you have space to the left and right of the screen that the picture does not cover. To get rid of that space, go into the “Photos” section and view the picture you want to use. Zoom in on it until the picture takes up the entire screen, then press Triangle and choose “Set as wallpaper”. When you exit back to the main menu, your picture will now take up the entire screen.

Charge from PlayStation2:

Get a USB cable that includes a charging cable normally used to charge your PSP through your PC. Plug the cable into the USB port on a PlayStation2 and the other end into the PSP. Turn on the PlayStation2. The orange charging indicator on your PSP should light up.

Listen to music without having to stay on the icon:

Press Select after choosing a song. It will remain playing on your main screen, so you can go and look at your background or go to games as the PSP still plays the music. However, if you click on an icon it will stop playing. If you click again, it will go into the selected icon.

Ultimate mobile surround sound:

Use the following instructions to play your PSP games and movies with the ultimate surround sound. You will need a FM modulator, a cable with a male stereo 1/8″ headphone connector at one end and split left and right RCA connectors at the other. The red wire with the inline fuse goes to your car battery or switch. The ground wire grounds to the frame. Set the car’s CD or tape deck to the FM frequency that is on the modulator, which usually is 88.7 or 89.1. Plug the RCA connectors from the cabe into the RCA jacks on the modulator. Plug the headphone end of the cable into the PSP. Turn on the PSP. The PSP’s sound goes through your car’s antenna. No wires are required hook it up to your car’s head unit. Your games and movies sound will now play through your car’s stereo speakers.