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Primal Rage

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Primal Rage is a thrilling and action-packed game that takes players back to a prehistoric world where giant dinosaurs and primordial beasts battle it out for supremacy. In this PC game, players take control of one of seven powerful creatures, each with their own unique abilities and fighting styles.

The game features fast-paced and intense battles in beautifully rendered 2D environments, where players must use their skills and strategy to defeat their opponents. With stunning graphics and realistic sound effects, Primal Rage immerses players in a world where only the strongest survive.

Whether you choose to play against the computer or challenge your friends in multiplayer mode, Primal Rage offers hours of adrenaline-pumping entertainment. So grab your controller and prepare to unleash your inner beast in this epic battle for dominance. Are you ready to unleash the primal rage within you?

Primal Rage Game Cheats, Tips, Codes, Hints and Tricks

Hint :

Hint: Diablo’s Pulverizer move:Hold 1 + 2 then press Up, Down. Hint: Quick kill message:If you kill your opponent within then seconds a “Quick Kill” message will appear. Your enemy will remain dead on the ground. Note: This only works on the first round.Hint: Flash of light:Keep attacking your enemy and killing him. There should be a light change in the back ground. This is rare, but worth seeing.

Quick finishing move summary

Armadon = 3
Blizzard = 3
Chaos = 2
Diablo = 2
Sauron = 1
Talon = 1
Vertigo = 2

IMPORTANT: All special moves are done by holding
down buttons 1 and 3 (high quick and low quick) and
performing the proper joystick movements…

D = Down U = Up T = Towards A = Away
* = finishing move ** = chomp a human


Actions: Movements:

bed-o-nails —> d-d-u
iron maiden —> a-u-t
rushing uppercut —> a-d-t
gut gouger —> t-t-a
hornication uppercut —> d-t-a
spinning death —> t-d-a
flying spikes —> a-a-u
*gut fling —> d-d-d-u
*meditation —> t-d-t-t
*falling spikes —> d-a-u-d
**chomp a human —> u-t-d


Actions: Movements:

quick mega punch —> a-u-t
short megs punch —> a-d-t
long mega punch —> a-t-t
fake mega punch —> d-u-u
cold breath —> d-a-t
ice geyser —> d-d-u
punching bag —> t-d-a-a
throw —> t-d-u-a
air throw —> buttons 1+3 in air
*brain bash —> u-t-u
*to-da-moon —> d-d-d-u
*redemption —> d-t-u-d-u


Actions: Movements:

grab-n-throw —> t-a-a
slow power puke —> u-a-a
fast power puke —> u-t-t
fart of fury —> d-t-u-a
ground shaker —> a-u-d
flying butt slam —> d-t-u-d
battering ram —> f-f-f
*golden shower —> d-d-u-a
*cannonball —> repeatedly press d+u+t
**chomp a human —> t-d-a-u


Actions: Movements:

slow fireball —> d-a-a
fast fireball —> d-t-t
torch —> u-d-d
hot foot —> a-d-t
mega lunge —> d-u-t
pulverizer —> u-t-t
inferno flash —> u-u-u
*incinerator —> u-a-d-d
*fireball —> t-t-t
**chomp a human —> d-u-d


Actions: Movements:

primal scream —> d-u-a
earthquake stomp —> u-d-d
cranium crusher —> d-u-u
leaping bone bash —> d-u-d
stun roar —> a-t-t
neck throw —> t-a-a
air throw —> 1+3 in air
*grape crusher —> t-u-d-a
**chomp a human —> d-d-u


Actions: Movements:

brain basher —> a-u-t
pounce and flip —> t-d-d
frantic fury —> d-t-a-t
double slash —> d-u-t
face ripper —> d-d-t
run forward/back —> a-a-a or t-t-t
*stampede —> t-a-u-d
**chomp a human —> t-d-a


Actions: Movements:

slow venom spit —> d-t-t
fast venom spit —> d-a-a
voodoo spell —> t-a-a
teleport —> d-d-d
come slither —> a-a-a
scorpion sting —> t-t-d
*shrink and eat —> a-a-d-u
*la vache qui rit —> a-a-d-t
**chomp a human —> d-t-u