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Populous is a groundbreaking god simulation game that puts players in the shoes of a deity tasked with shaping the world and guiding its inhabitants. Developed for PC Games, this classic title allows players to manipulate the landscape, control the weather, and influence the lives of their followers to ultimately build a thriving civilization. With its innovative gameplay mechanics and strategic depth, Populous offers a truly immersive experience that challenges players to think like a god and make decisions that will shape the fate of their virtual world. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or new to the genre, Populous is sure to captivate and inspire with its unique blend of strategy, creativity, and divine power.

Populous Game Cheats, Tips, Codes, Hints and Tricks

Walkthrough :

THE COMPUTER HAS MADE A KNIGHT. WHAT DO I DO?Knights are very easy to get rid of. Go to the options screen and makethe water fatal. It’s harmfull right now. Change it to fatal. Watchthe map and you’ll see a tiny dark red dot coming closer and closer. Makesure your land isn’t too high. When you see him coming scroll across themap until you see a castle or town next to the water. When he comes thecomputer will be making land as he goes. Make sure you are able to lowerland and raise land. You have to be close to towns in order to lower orraise land. When he’s coming across the water lower the land he walks on.The computer will be making land for him to walk on. Lower it until hedrowns in the water. If he’s coming to your land over land, lower theterrain as fast as you can so he’ll drown in the water. You have to dothis when he is very close to your towns. Otherwise you won’t be able tolower or raise land.Of course your other alternative is to make a knight yourself. The onlyreason I myself don’t always drown the computer’s knight is because ittakes the challenge away. The computer doesn’t drown your knight. Ionly use it when I just want to build land and expand.MY MAGIC METER WON’T GO UP. WHAT DO I DO?In order to get magic you have to have towns and castles. You have toflaten your land and make plenty of room. When you first start out builda little at a time. Don’t rush it or your magic will go down. To makemore buildings destroy the building your leader is in every once in a whileand he will make more buildings. Sometimes he will make a building andthen he’ll make another. This is how you expand…this is how you gainmagic. In the bottom left hand box you need to have the arrow pointing tothe flag for your people to build. Castles give you more magic thantowns do. To raise and lower land you use up magic so be careful.SNAILS HAVE TRAVELED ACROSS MY LAND AND DESTROYED EVERYTHING IN THEIR PATHS.WHAT SHOULD I DO?There is nothing you can do to stop them. The only reall damage they dois on your people, buildings, and terrain. You will notice that theground changes after they slide over it. Lower the ground where you seethe different terrain and then raise it again. The snails leave swampsand your people will drown in them. You have get rid of them doingexactly what I just said.MY LEADER IS GETTING TOO CLOSE TO THE ENEMY AND I WANT TO KEEP HIM ALIVE.WHAT SHOULD I DO?If your leader is getting too close to the enemy you should be pretty faralong in the game. In the bottom left hand box you will see a cross and across alone. Nothing else but a cross. Select the cross and place it backwhere your people are and then select the arrow pointing to the cross. Hewill go back to the cross. If your cross is already in your territory thenselect the arrow pointing to the cross.HOW DO I MAKE A KNIGHT?Look at your magic meter in the upper right hand corner of the screen.The helmet and sword represent the knight. When the arrow makes it to thehelmet and sword you have enough magic to make a knight. When you haveenough magic or you are close to having enough magic select the arrowpointing to the cross in the bottom left hand box. Your leader willtravel to the cross and so will some of your people. They will combinewith your leader to make him stronger. You need to let them do this fora while until your leader is strong. Then select the helmet and swordoption in the bottom right hand box. Your leader will turn into aknight.THE COMPUTER KEEPS USING MAGIC ON ME. WHAT SHOULD I DO?If the computer uses earthquake raise the land where it was used. Ifthey use volcano lower the land where it was used. Be patient and soonyour magic will rise. Volcanos are the best to use on the computer.They build around the volcano and in tiny areas on the volcano. This isgood because they’ll have less magic.HOW DO I GET RID OF TREES, ROCKS, AND BURNED BUILDINGS?Lower the land beneath them until they sink into the water.That’s all for this version. If I can think of anything else, I’lladd to it! 😉

Level 999:

Type killuspal at the title screen.