Pitfall 3D : Beyond The Jungle

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PASSWORD EFFECT STOPTALKING Turns off in game quips Level 2: AAYAGOCSEEGA Level 3: YAIALBCWEMDI Level 4: 4AIANKCREYBI PASSWORD EFFECT CREDITS Password to gain immediate access to Credits sequence Play Retro (Classic) Pitfall in Pitfall 3d: at the password screen type “CRANESBABY” to play classic pitfall. PASSWORD EFFECT PITFALLCOMIC Play all of the original comic style cutscenes PASSWORD EFFECT ZEROGHARRY Causes Harry to float and twist PASSWORD EFFECT STEVECRANEME Gives the player 99 lives PASSWORD EFFECT 2DHARRY Causes Harry to be displayed in 2d Pitfall 2600 game: R1 + R2: Toggles “Gary head” (Programmer of 2600 version) R1 + Circle: Toggles “Elvira head” (Daughter of Lead Programmer) R1 + Triangle on a crocodile screen: Makes right crocodile say “Hi Mom” L1 + L2: Toggles infinite lives   PASSWORD EFFECT GIVEMELIFE Add ten lives to next game launched PASSWORD EFFECT PLAYMOVIES Play all movies   PASSWORD EFFECT BIGHEADHARY Makes Harry’s head really big