Super Nintendo Entertainment System


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All Levels
To get all levels enter the helicopter mssion 2 cheat and kill your self. Next go to start and select retry. All levels but helicopter levels should appear.

Landing on moving platforms
Moving platform with parachute (level 1)
Immediately rotate 90 degrees to the right when released and ignore the rings. Hold that position until 630 to 640 feet, then pull the rip-cord and pull a quick U-turn (180 degrees). After reaching 225 feet, rotate 90 degrees to the right right and line up with the moving platform track. After reaching the track, the platform should pass underneath, and then return underneath traveling the same direction. Flare and hold as soon as it becomes visible.

Water target with hang-glider
Hit the thermal and wait until the glider levels out. Dive to the right to 150 feet. Pull up and line up with the target. Level off and flare repeatedly just before the shadow hits the bottom edge of the target. Stay no higher than 25 feet.

Moving platform with rocket-pack
Practice using the low burner and holding at 10 feet as well as stabilizing your position after moving forward. Complete the course and stabilize over the platform’s path in a location where it can be seen approaching, such as at a corner or end of the “track”. Drop sharply the moment the edge of the platform touches your character’s shadow.

Fly around the world
Note: A auto-fire controller is required for this trick. While flying the hang-glider, land on the skydiving platform to unlock a bonus flight. Use the auto-fire controller to rapidly tap A to fly as the Birdman. Move out to sea as far as possible, past the score markers. Continue flying to eventually return to the beach where the flight started. Note: Doing this only results in 50 points.

Level Passwords

Level Password
2 985206
3 394391
4 520771
5 400718
6 773224
7 165411
8 760357
Helicopter 108048
Helicopter mission 2 882943

Bonus levels
Ignore the rings and other objects and land on the moving platform in the Rocketbelt level. You will be transported to the Birdman bonus level with a rating of 100 points. Jump onto the trampolines and hit the power P’s before landing in the middle of the target.

Land on the moving platform in the Parachute level to reach the Penguin bonus level. Perform a high dive into a multi-point pool. The water is separated by ropes that designate different extra point values.

Expert mode
Enter 400718 to begin game play on level 5. Intentionally lose on the remaining levels. Reset the game when “Game Over” appears to restart in expert mode.