Game Boy Advance

Piglet’s Big Game

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Join Piglet on an exciting adventure in the Hundred Acre Wood in Piglet’s Big Game for Game Boy Advance. Help Piglet overcome his fears and prove that even the smallest of friends can make a big difference. Explore different levels filled with puzzles, challenges, and mini-games as you interact with beloved characters like Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, and Eeyore. With charming graphics, engaging gameplay, and heartwarming storytelling, Piglet’s Big Game is a must-play for fans of the classic Disney characters. So grab your Game Boy Advance and get ready for a fun-filled journey with Piglet!

Piglet’s Big Game Game Cheats, Tips, Codes, Hints and Tricks


The bottle that appears after you defeat a monster may sometimes help you to unlock places.

Immobile opponents

The trees that can fight and Grenosaurus cannot move during battle.


Level Passwords…Y: YellowG: GreenB: BlueR: Red

[Y=] [B Diamond] [B Twirl] [G Twirl] [Y Carrot] [Y Heart] [Y Heart]Eeyore’s Dream
[Y =] [G Diamond] [G+] [B Carrot] [Y Carrot] [Y Carrot] [R+]Flooded Woods
[R=] [B Diamond] [R Carrot] [G Twirl] [G+] [G Halo diamond] [B heart]Rabbit’s Dream
[R=] [B Diamond] [Y=] [G Diamond] [G Twirl] [B Diamond] [R Heart]Roo’s Dream

Fighting Grenosaurus

Get all Scary Faces to become brave enough to fight Grenosaurus in Roo’s and Eyore’s dreams.

Rabbit’s Dream: Cookies

Hit carrots to earn cookies at Rabbit’s Dream.

Level Password
Roo’s Dream [Red=] [Blue Diamond] [Yellow=] [Green Diamond]
[Green Twirl] [Blue Diamond] [Red Heart]
Eeyore’s Dream [Yellow=] [Blue Diamond] [Blue Twirl] [Green Twirl]
[Yellow Carrot] [Yellow Heart] [Yellow Heart]
Rabbit’s Dream [Red=] [Blue Diamond] [Red Carrot] [Green Twirl]
[Green+] [Green Halo diamond] [Blue heart]
Flooded Woods [Yellow =] [Green Diamond] [Green+] [Blue Carrot]
[Yellow Carrot] [Yellow Carrot] [Red+]