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Pacific General

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Pacific General is a thrilling and immersive strategy game that puts players in command of the Pacific Theater during World War II. As a general, you must make strategic decisions, manage resources, and lead your troops to victory against the enemy forces. With stunning graphics and realistic gameplay, Pacific General offers an authentic and challenging gaming experience. Whether you prefer to engage in epic battles or focus on tactical maneuvers, this game has something for every type of player. So gear up, strategize, and prepare to conquer the Pacific in this intense and action-packed game from PC Games.

Pacific General Game Cheats, Tips, Codes, Hints and Tricks

Cheat :

It is possible to enable the unit editor, and I have found it to be fairly stable. Just go to the MS-DOS prompt and switch directories to your Pacific General directory and type “pacgen /hondarules”. The editor is on the title screen to the left.

Unit editor:

Start the game with the pacgen /hondarules command line. The unit editor
option may be found on the left side of the title screen.