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Original War

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Base invasion:

A good way to invade someone’s base is as follows.

American: Lots of heavy gun tanks
Russian: Lots of Behemoths

Y.I. “Burlak” Gorky’s Masha:

Y.I. “Burlak” Gorky’s Masha is recommended for Burlak’s Masha Gatling Gun Medium Track Alaskite.

P.M. Belkov’s relative:

In the first Russian mission, allow P.M. Belkov to die. In the next mission his relative I.M. Belkov will appear. Note: Sometimes the game will glitch.

One On One mission: Easy completion:

Have John Macmillan in a heavy gun turret on the hillside to the east of the base. Have Joan Furgusson do everything. Also let her train apemen for the crates.