Nintendo 64

NFL Blitz 64

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Cheat :

On-side kick:Hold Turbo + Jump + Pass + Up after scoring. Extra blocker:Hold Turbo + Jump + Pass while hiking the ball. Hide plays:Press Up(2) at the play selection screen to remove the pointer. No Shoes:When the announcer says “Who’s Playing?”, enter the following code: Z, Z, B, B, B, B, B, B, B, A, A, Up and your team’s players will not have shoes. Weather Control:Enter these codes on the Matchup screen. Clear Skies 2-1-2 LeftRain 5-5-5 RightSnow 5-2-5 DownFog 0-3-0 DownThick Fog 0-4-1 DownOnside kick:Score a touchdown, then select free point when the play screen appears. Then, immediately hold Z + A + B + R + Analog-stick Up. Skip first quarter and third quarter intermissions:Hold Z + A + B at the end of the first or third quarters.