NCAA Football 2005

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Cheat Mode
Select the “My NCAA” option. Select the “Pennant Collection” option, then choose the option to enter codes.

Effect Code

All-time Syracuse team BIG ORANGE
All time Oklahoma team BOOMER
Clemson All-time team DEATH VALLEY
Cuffed card EA SPORTS
Texas Tech ratings boost FIGHT
Blink Pennant; ref spots ball short for opponent FOR
All-time LSU team GEAUX TIGERS
All time Nebraska team GO BIG RED
All time Michigan team GO BLUE
NU mascot GO CATS
All-time Mississippi State team HAIL STATE
All time Texas team HOOK EM
All time UGA team HUNKER DOWN
Mizzou mascot MIZZOU RAH
All-Time Tennessee team ORANGE CRUSH
UNC All-time team RAH RAH
Minnesota mascot RAH RAH RAH
Boing Pennant; opponent drops passes more REGISTERING
All time Alabama team ROLL TIDE
All time Baylor team SIC EM
1st and 15 Pennant; opponent gains 15 yards for first down THANKS
Crossed The Line card TIBURON
Badgers All-time team U RAH RAH
All-time Kansas State team VICTORY
All time UVA team WAHOOS
All time Auburn team WAR EAGLE
PSU All-time team WE ARE