PlayStation 3

Metal Gear Online

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Metal Gear Online melody

During gameplay, in the text menu (on either all or team) type for your character to hum/whitsle/sing a part the Metal Gear Online melody.

Ranks Names

Online ranks that show next to your name

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
BearHave a large amount of CQC attacks given
BeeUses lots of scans
CrocodileVery good kill death ratio
EagleLarge percents of headshots
Flying SquirrelHave a high percentage of rolling
JawsLarge Amount of Knife Kills
KerotanPrefers Capture rules
PidgeonPerfers non lethal attacks
PigeonPrefers not to kill
RatFalls for a lot of traps
SlothGets shot in the head a lot
SnakePerfers sneaking missions
TurtleUse the Cardboard box a lot

Dizzy character

Keep spinning your character in circles at the selection screen. When you stop, he will get dizzy and fall over.

Remove frosty breath

When playing in stages where your breath frosts, have Snake play dead while prone. His frosty breath will no longer be seen by others.

Music Tracks

Music unlocks in conjunction with your save file for MGS4. So if you have a save at the end of the game, you will have all Music Tracks unlocked for MGO, if you have a save after you have beaten a boss, their track will be unlocked. However if you continue a completed save file, you will lose all tracks in MGO until you unlock them again.