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Watch Film in Chronological Order
Insert disc two from the Limited Edition set, then select the [Clock]. Select answer “c” 5 times. When you reach the question where you put the pictures in order of the woman fixing her tire, put them in REVERSE order (3, 4, 1, 2), rather than the correct order, and you will be taken to the chronological version of the film, complete with backwards credits and the opening scene in forward motion. This applies only to the limited edition version.

Hidden Version of the Film
Access the [Special Features] section of the DVD. Wait for the [Memento Mori] picture to move and the pic of Leonard with a pic in his mouth to take up most of the screen. Press [Enter]. A screen will come up telling you you have found the hidden version of the film. Click on [Play]. Watch the film in chronological order including the end credits rolling backwards at the beginning and the opening segment running forwards. This applies only to the region 2 version.

DVD Production Credits
Access [Special Features], then click on [Otnemem]. On the newspaper clipping, move to the upper right corner and an arrow (triangle) pointing to an exclamation point will be revealed. Select this, and you are asked “Who did I kill?” Select the right person and the DVD production credits are displayed.