PlayStation 2

Melty Blood : Act Cadenza

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List of Unlockables

The following is a list of unlockable characters and features. Complete the game once to unlock Special mode on the main menu, from which you can review any CGs, endings, and voices you unlock through the methods below.Unlock Character CGs and EndingsComplete Arcade mode with each characterUnlock Extra Neco-Arc VoicesComplete Survival mode with Neco-Arc (do this 6 times to unlock all Neco-Arc voice samples).Unlock Neco-ArcComplete Arcade mode with all 20 non-secret characters (press START when highlighting Arcueid to select Neco-Arc).Unlock Neco-Arc ChaosComplete Arcade mode with Neco-Arc after unlocking all Neko-Arc Voices (press START when highlighting Nrvnqsr Chaos to select Neco-Arc Chaos).Unlock Omake (Extra) VoicesComplete Survival mode with each character.Unlock Special System Voice Complete Survival mode with Hisui & Kohaku (the tag team character).

Unlock Neco Arc Voices

Default Neco Arc voice is done by Yuzuki Ryouka (Arcueid). To unlock extra Neco Arc voices done by other voice actors (selectable in the Special menu), repeatedly clear the Survival mode (meaning win 22 matches and go through the entire roster of playable characters) with Neco Arc.Hitomi (Akiha) – Clear Survival mode the second time. Kouzuki Miwa (Miyako) – Clear Survival mode the third time. Mizuhashi Kaori (Len) – Clear Survival mode the fifth time. Natsuki Rio (Sion) – Clear Survival mode the fourth time. Sakuma Kumi (Ciel) – Clear Survival mode the first time.