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Madden NFL 2006

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Madden NFL 2006 is a groundbreaking football simulation game that brings the intensity and excitement of the NFL right to your fingertips. With stunning graphics, realistic gameplay, and immersive sound effects, this game will make you feel like you’re right in the middle of the action on the field.

Choose your favorite NFL team and lead them to victory in thrilling matches against tough opponents. With advanced AI, strategic gameplay, and customizable options, every game is a new challenge that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Experience the thrill of playing as your favorite NFL players, making jaw-dropping plays, and scoring unforgettable touchdowns. Whether you’re a seasoned football fan or a casual gamer, Madden NFL 2006 offers hours of entertainment and excitement for players of all skill levels.

Get ready to hit the gridiron and show off your skills in Madden NFL 2006, the ultimate football gaming experience on PC. Are you ready to take your team to the Super Bowl?

Madden NFL 2006 Game Cheats, Tips, Codes, Hints and Tricks

Card codes:
To enter the Card codes, select the “My Madden” option at the main
menu. Select the “Madden Cards” option, then select the “Madden Codes”
to enter the code.

Card Code
3rd Down Bronze 3F9G4J
3rd Down Silver 3F9G4O
3rd Down Gold 3H3U7T
5th Down Bronze 3E9R4V
5th Down Silver 3E9R4I
Bad spot N44D6E
1st and 15 Bronze 2W4P9T
1st and 15 Silver 2W4P9G
1st and 5 Bronze 2Y7L8B
Da Boot Bronze 3J3S9Y
Da Boot Silver 3J3S9E
Extra Credit Bronze 3D3Q3P
Extra Credit Gold 3D8X6Z
Human Plow Bronze 3H3U7F
Super Dive Bronze 3H8M5U
Tight Fit Bronze 3D8X6T
Unforced Errors Bronze 2Z2F4H
Unforced Errors Silver 2Z2F4G
Super Bowl 2006 Stadium 6L2B9M
Aloha Stadium 5A3P0V
Al Wilson Gold Card 7K5C8V
Anquan Boldin Gold Card 7T3V5K
Anthony McFarland Gold Card 7S4C4D
Ashley Lelie Gold Card 7J8F4J
Bertrand Berry Gold Card 7U4M9B
Brian Simmons Gold Card 7D5W8J
Brian Urlacher Gold Card 6Y5Z6H
Carson Palmer Gold Card 7C6U4H
Chad Johnson Gold Card 7D1B2H
Champ Bailey Gold Card 7L8C2W
D.J. Williams Gold Card 7O1J3F
Derrick Brooks Gold Card 7Q6X4L
Donovan McNabb Bronze Card 8Q2J2R
Donovan McNabb Gold Card 5E8H1A or 8Q2J2X
Eric Moulds Gold Card 7F5B2Y
J.P. Losman Gold Card 7D8S6J
Jake Plummer Gold Card 7J3Y7F
John Lynch Gold Card 1A2D9F
Kellen Winslow Jr. Gold Card 7Q2E45
LaDainian Tomlinson Gold Card 7U6B3L
Larry Fitzgerald Gold Card 7T6B5N
Lawyer Milloy Gold Card 7H9E8L
Lee Suggs Gold Card 7P5G3N
Michael Clayton Gold Card 7T1G2Y
Olin Kreutz Gold Card 6Z9X5Y
Rex Grossman Gold Card 6W5J6Z
Ronde Barber Gold Card 7R7V2E
Rudi Johnson Gold Card 7D1X8K
Simeon Rice Gold Card 7Q6F4G
Takeo Spikes Gold Card 7H3B2Y
Thomas Jones Gold Card 6X7W2O
Tommie Harris Gold Card 7A7Z2G
Willis McGahee Gold Card 7E3G7Y