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Lucky Luke

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Step into the wild west with Lucky Luke, the fastest gunslinger in town! In this thrilling PC game, you’ll take on the role of the legendary cowboy as he embarks on a series of daring missions to bring justice to the lawless frontier.

With stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, Lucky Luke will transport you to a world of saloons, showdowns, and shootouts. Test your quick draw skills as you face off against bandits, outlaws, and even the infamous Dalton Brothers.

But it’s not all about gunslinging – you’ll also need to use your wits to solve puzzles, uncover hidden treasures, and outsmart your enemies. With a mix of action, adventure, and humor, Lucky Luke is a must-play for fans of the wild west genre.

So saddle up, partner, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure with Lucky Luke on your PC. Are you quick enough to keep up with the fastest gun in the west? Only one way to find out – play Lucky Luke now!

Lucky Luke Game Cheats, Tips, Codes, Hints and Tricks

Cheat :

Level Codes: Level 1: Dalton,Lucky,Dalton,PferdLevel 2: Lucky,Dalton,Pferd,LuckyLevel 3: Hund,Lucky,Dalton,DaltonLevel 4: Dalton,Hund,Hund,DaltonLevel 5: Dalton,Dalton,Lucky,PferdLevel 6: Pferd,Hund,Hund,DaltonLevel 7: Lucky,Pferd,Lucky,Hund

Level Password
1 Dalton, Lucky, Dalton, Horse
2 Lucky, Dalton, Horse, Lucky
3 Dog, Lucky, Dalton, Dalton
4 Dalton, Dog, Dog, Dalton
5 Dalton, Dalton, Lucky, Horse
6 Horse, Dog, Dog, Dalton
7 Lucky, Horse, Lucky, Dog