Leather Goddesses Of Phobos

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Walkthrough :

Notes.(1)During the course of this adventure, you will come across several randomelements. These will be discussed in more detail as and when we come tothem.(2)The black circles are a wierd kind of teleportation facility and theseare used to their best advantage for ease of play.(3)The scratch ‘n’ sniff card can be used as directed on screen, but is notnecessary.(4)Certain aspects of the game depend entirely on whether the player ismale or female. This solution is based on the ‘male’ version, so make minoradjustments to your ‘behaviour’ as we go!! THE SOLUTIONStart in Joe’s Bar.INVENTORY – (you are carrying a flashlight and a comic book – the one thatcame with your game – and you are wearing overalls) – NW – (you must now’go’) – WEE – EXAMINE STOOL – TAKE STOOL – WAIT – (you are now captured andplaced in a Cell on Phobos) – INVENTORY – (you now have a rule book and arewearing a brass loincloth!!) – READ RULE BOOK – (looks like you’re beingsacrificed in the interests of the Leather Goddesses objective to enslavethe human race!) – TAKE ALL EXCEPT TRAY – (notice that the painting depictsa pussy cat) – EXAMINE TRAY – TAKE FOOD – OPEN DOOR – S – READ SIGN – OPENNARROW DOOR – S – (you now meet an Alaskan called Trent……he will bequite useful as we progress!).EXAMINE PAPER – (a seemingly meaningless matrix of letters!) – ASK TRENTABOUT PAPER – (he doesn’t know what it means, but can you see the words’rubber hose’ – top line; ‘phone book’ – 4th line; ‘headlight’ – 6th lineand ‘cotton balls’ – bottom line?) – N – (Trent now follows you) – UP -LOOK THROUGH WINDOW – (you can now see into the Examination Room – switchto ‘LEWD’ mode for a moment and look through the window again!) – UP – (youwill see your first ‘black circle’ here) – ENTER CIRCLE – (you are nowteleported to a Martian Desert).W – NW – (you see a little white marsmouse) – SHOW PAINTING TO MOUSE – (itfreezes with fear!) – TAKE MOUSE – DROP PAINTING – S – E – N – N – N -(Trent tells you about now, of his plan that he has scribbled about on amatchbook) – ENTER BARGE – EXAMINE CONTROLS – READ ORANGE BUTTON -(‘Magnetomoor On’ – must be some kind of docking aid) – READ PURPLE BUTTON- (‘Go with the flow’ – means that you can only go eastwards along thecanal) – READ MATCHBOOK – (the parts list for Trent’s thing! Well, we’vegot the mouse so far!!) – DROP MATCHBOOK – PRESS ORANGE BUTTON – READORANGE BUTTON – (the writing changes, so be careful next time you use it!)- WAIT – WAIT – WAIT – WAIT – PRESS ORANGE BUTTON – (you now dock at theBaby Dock, and the writing on the button changes yet again) – EXIT BARGE -N – EXAMINE MESSAGE. EXPLANATORY NOTENow this is where you need to read the relevant section of the LaneMastedon comic that came with your game package. Basically it is, as thecomic tells you, a ‘3-letter transposition cipher’. The message is asfollows:VSDFHHQN UXRB VVLN RW PLK JQLNVD BE PLK RW IOHVUXRB BILWQHGL ——— SDPWHUFHV HKW WHJ GQD VVHQDWOXV HKW IR ———- (this next bit is a randomlygenerated number which remains UNCHANGED throughout the deciphering – so becareful to make a note of it!) UHEPXQ GQDEVXK WFDWQRF RW VL QRLVVLP UXRB.Translate it by three moves of each letter toward the beginning of thealphabet. The first letter ‘V’ becomes ‘S’, second letter ‘S’ becomes ‘P’,third letter ‘D’ becomes ‘A’ and so on. Remember to leave the NUMBER as itis. Translated fully, the message now reads:SPACEENK RUOY SSIK OT MIH GNIKSA YB MIH OT FLESRUOY YFITNEDI ——– PAMTERCES EHT TEG DNA SSENATLUS EHT FO (Number) REBMUN DNABSUH TCATNOC OT SINOISSIM RUOY.It is now simply read backwards from the lower right back up to the upperleft to read:YOUR MISSION IS TO CONTACT HUSBAND (or wife) NUMBER (number) OF THESULTANESS (or Sultan) AND GET THE SECRET MAP ———- IDENTIFY YOURSELFTO HIM (or her) BY ASKING HIM (or her) TO KISS YOUR KNEECAPS. Hope that’s explained things a bit!!TAKE BALM – S – ENTER BARGE – READ ORANGE BUTTON – PRESS ORANGE BUTTON -WAIT – PRESS PURPLE BUTTON – WAIT – WAIT – PRESS ORANGE BUTTON – PRESSPURPLE BUTTON – EXIT BARGE – (to My kinda Dock) – E – S – TAKE PIN – N – E- LOOK INTO WELL – (to reveal some handholds leading down) – CLIMB DOWN -(you eventually return to the barge) – EXIT BARGE – E – E – N – (the Sultanasks you if you’re ready to answer his riddle) – YES – (Trent answerswrongly and is lead away) – (now it’s your turn!) – SAY “RIDDLE” – (you areadvised to go West) – W – (the Guard asks you to pick anumber………refer to the number you noted after deciphering the Martianmessage, earlier) – SAY “(number)” – (you can now enter) – W – WAIT – (youare now led into the Inner Harem. You must now enter a precise commandincorporating the number of your partner) – (NUMBER), KISS MY KNEECAPS -(you are given a secret map, and a torch then shown a secret entranceleading downwards) – EXAMINE MAP – (refers you to the Catacombs map in yourgame documentation). EXPLANATORY NOTEOne point to remember here is that there is a particular method to safelytraverse the Catacombs. In the game comic there is a picture in the storywhich describes the safe method of crossing the CANAL. You must CLAP yourhands at least ONCE every FIVE minutes, HOP ONCE every NINE minutes and SAY”KWEEPA” every ELEVEN minutes. Use this method when travelling through theCatacombs).TAKE TORCH – (it is already on!) – DOWN – (knee-deep in CANAL water!! Trentnow joins you after escaping safely) – NW – N – CLAP – NE – E – CLAP – HOP- NE – NE – CLAP – SAY “KWEEPA” – SE – DOWN – CLAP – HOP – NW – NE – CLAP -SAY “KWEEPA” – N – S – HOP – CLAP – NE – UP – CLAP – NW – SAY “KWEEPA” -HOP – CLAP – TAKE DIRECTORY – (one of Trent’s ‘parts’) – NW – CLAP – S – SE- HOP – CLAP – SE – SAY “KWEEPA” – DOWN – CLAP – NE – HOP – W – CLAP – SAY”KWEEPA” – E – W – HOP – CLAP – SW – SW – CLAP – SAY “KWEEPA” – HOP – TAKERAFT – N – CLAP – NE – E – HOP – CLAP – SAY “KWEEPA” – NW – CLAP – HOP – N- UP – (you eventually arrive back in the Laundry Room!).N – DROP TORCH – E – SE – UP – ENTER CIRCLE – (you are in completedarkness!) – TURN ON LIGHT – (your flashlight, that is…… findyourself in a cramped space, when the floor suddenly gives way, droppingthe pair of you back in the Cell!!) – S – UP – N – DROP STOOL – STAND ONSTOOL – TAKE BASKET – (this will serve TWO purposes as wetravel……firstly to carry more items, and secondly to house a robotbaby!) – CLIMB OFF STOOL – ENTER CIRCLE – (you are now in a jungle onVenus).E – (a Venus Flytrap is after you!) – ENTER HOLE – (the Flytrap now leaves- temporarily!) – STAND ON TRENT – (to leave the hole) – E – TAKE CAN -READ CAN – (‘Marsco Brand Black Hyperdimensional Transport CircleStain’!!!….use this to ‘repair’ a malfunctioning circle when we comeacross it) – NE – E – NW – PULL KNOB – OPEN BOX – (a coin falls out) – PUTALL IN BASKET – (obviously everything will not go in the basket, but thiscommand saves time!) – TAKE COIN – SE – N – (you now meet a Salesman) -OFFER FLASHLIGHT TO SALESMAN – (you are left a TEE remover machine) – TAKEMACHINE – KNOCK ON DOOR – (you are now dragged inside!) – DOWN – (theScientist blocks your exit!) – THROW FOOD IN CAGE – WAIT – (you and Trentare now strapped on slabs) – WAIT – (you are now inside the cage…….wellsome of you is!!) – TAKE FOOD – EXAMINE FEMALE – KISS FEMALE – TAKE HOSE -EAT FOOD – BEND BARS – EXIT CAGE – DROP HOSE – UNTIE TRENT – UNTIE YOURBODY – PULL SWITCH – GET OFF SLAB – GET HOSE – ENTER CIRCLE – (you arriveat the Vizicom Booth).SE – ENTER CIRCLE – (to transport to the Royal Dock) – S – DROP MACHINE – S- S – E – EXAMINE FROG – APPLY BALM TO LIPS – PUT PIN ON NOSE – DROP ALL -COVER EARS WITH HANDS – CLOSE EYES – KISS FROG – (Wow!!) – TAKE ALL – READENGRAVING – REMOVE BALM – REMOVE PIN – DROP IT – E – SE – (the circlefades) – APPLY STAIN TO CIRCLE – DROP CAN – ENTER CIRCLE – (you are now inCleveland).S – TAKE ALL – N – NE – UP – TAKE SHEET – LOOK THROUGH WINDOW – (you see a1933 Ford with a loose headlight!) – RIP SHEET – TIE STRIPS TOGETHER – TIEROPE TO BED – PUT ROPE THROUGH WINDOW – (Trent will use it) – WAIT – WAIT -(Trent eventually returns!) – TAKE HEADLIGHT – GO DOWN STAIRS – E – TAKETRELLIS – MOVE SOD – (you find another black circle) – ENTER CIRCLE – (youare now back at the end of the Hallway on Phobos).N – ENTER CIRCLE – (to the Main Hall of the Palace) – W – ENTER BARGE -PRESS ORANGE BUTTON – PUT RAFT IN CANAL – PRESS PURPLE BUTTON – ENTER RAFT- (as the barge must now proceed EMPTY to pass the Ion Beam downstream) -WAIT – WAIT – WAIT – GRAB DOCK – (you are now at Wattz-Upp Dock) – TAKERAFT – W – W – NW – W – W – ENTER CIRCLE – (to the basement on Phobos) – UP- N – ENTER CIRCLE – (to the Palace again) – E – CLIMB DOWN WELL – (becauseyou climbed ‘DOWN’ well instead of just ‘Climb Well’, this time you arriveon your barge, which is now waiting at the Icy Dock).EXIT BARGE – (has Trent really gone?!) – S – SE – READ SIGN – GIVE COIN TOPENGUIN – (you receive some change, so bear this in mind when you need tobuy something later) – SE – N – TAKE BABY – COVER BABY WITH BLANKET – S -DROP RAKE – TAKE MOUSE – EMPTY BASKET – PUT BABY IN BASKET – S – PUT BASKETON STOOP – WAIT – WAIT – (a woman collects the baby robot) – OPEN DOOR -ENTER IGLOO – TAKE BALLS – NE – (the Matron blows you back to the SouthPole!!) – N – OPEN SACK – (you see it is full of leaves…….it will alsocarry your surplus items) – PUT ALL IN SACK – (everything that will go in,does so) – TAKE ALL – NW – W – ENTER CIRCLE – (back to Wattz-Upp Dock).W – W – NW – W – W – (meanwhile Trent joins you from a fountain on theway!) – ENTER CIRCLE – (to the Basement) – UP – UP – N – (dark here, butthe location strip at the top of your screen tells you that you are in theCloset) – ENTER CIRCLE – (back to the Venusian jungle, and that Flytrap hasreturned!) – E – DROP TRELLIS – ENTER HOLE – (off it goes) – STAND ON TRENT- TAKE TRELLIS – COVER HOLE WITH TRELLIS – COVER TRELLIS WITH LEAVES – W -(to attract the Flytrap) – E – WAIT – WAIT – WAIT – WAIT – (got it!!) – W -W – TAKE JAR – EXAMINE JAR – (contains ‘untangling’ cream) – ENTER CIRCLE -(to the hold of the Spaceship).(A grenade is thrown at you but Trent steps in yet again!) – TAKE SWORD – S- CLIMB ON STALLION – W – CLIMB OFF STALLION – TAKE SUIT – WEAR SUIT – OPENHATCH – N – KILL THORBAST WITH SWORD – (repeat until Thorbast lets go ofHIS sword) – TAKE SWORD – GIVE THORBAST HIS SWORD – (Thorbast killshimself!) – KILL MONSTER WITH SWORD – UNTIE WOMAN – N – (Elysia, the woman,gives you a PHOTO with a note on the back) – OPEN DOOR – E – (after alustful encounter you return to the Space Yacht location) – S – S – (backcomes Trent!) – E – E – E – E – E – E – E – E – ENTER CIRCLE. EXPLANATORY NOTEYou will now be transported to a random location. Wherever you land, youshould make the best route to the Throne Room of King Mitre, where you leftthe machine earlier.So, from back in the Throne Room:- TAKE MACHINE – EXAMINE MACHINE – OPENCOMPARTMENT – PUT JAR IN COMPARTMENT – CLOSE COMPARTMENT – TURN MACHINE ON- OPEN COMPARTMENT – (Well, you knew it was a TEE remover and it’s removedthe ‘T’ out of ‘untangling’, leaving you with some ‘un-angling’ cream!!) -TAKE JAR – DROP MACHINE – APPLY CREAM TO ANGLE – (you have released thePrincess Theta! The King gives you an 82 degree angle in gratitude) – DROPJAR – TAKE ANGLE – N – PUT RAFT IN CANAL – ENTER RAFT – WAIT – WAIT – WAIT- WAIT – WAIT – WAIT – GRAB DOCK – (you are now on Donald Dock) – S – E – S- READ SIGN – (!!) – BUY EXIT – (you need the change that the penguins gaveyou) – GIVE COIN TO PROPRIETOR – (he drops the exit tube in the dust) -RAKE DUST – (you now have the tube) – N – OPEN TUBE – (you find a flexibleblack circle) – DROP CIRCLE – ENTER CIRCLE – (you are now in a Boudoir) -GET OFF COUCH – SMELL ODOR – (Leather!!!!!) – SEARCH DIVAN – WAIT – (youare ejected onto a Plaza) – (now give the items to Trent, AS HE ASKS FORTHEM……it could be in a DIFFERENT ORDER than this solution!) – GIVEBLENDER TO TRENT – GIVE HOSE TO TRENT – GIVE BALLS TO TRENT – GIVE ANGLE TOTRENT – GIVE HEADLIGHT TO TRENT – GIVE MOUSE TO TRENT – GIVE PHOTO TO TRENT- GIVE PHONE BOOK TO TRENT – (Trent operates the machine and a banana peelsquirts out!!)………………………………now sit back and enjoythe Final Message, and collect your maximum points of 316/316 with apromotion to the rank of Interplanetary Emperor!!!!!!!!!!