Kirbys Star StackerKlax

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Insane course
On the Round Clear setting, when you beat Super Hard Level 16, the
Insane course opens up.
Eliminate a Star or Bomb Block
You can eliminate a Star or Bomb Block by stacking it between
matching Friend Blocks. Remember, Hard Blocks will turn into
Star Blocks when stacked, so you need to stack them twice to
eliminate them. Blocks fall from the top of the screen into the
center. Rotate and switch the falling blocks to line them up with
other like Friend Blocks. The matching Friend Blocks, and the
sandwiched Star Blocks, will all disappear. If an unmatching
Friend Block, or blank spaces, are between the matching ones
you line up, the sandwiched blocks will not be eliminated.
You can sandwich Stars either horizontally or vertically.
When like Friend Blocks touch each other, they will be eliminated.
Make chain reactions
It’s really easy to make chain reactions occur, and this is how you
can efficiently clear away Stars, or really sock it to your opponent
in the VS. Mode. When you eliminate blocks, if the ones on top of
them fall and create a complete line between matching animal
friends, they too will be eliminated. After completing a successful
Chain, Bonus Stars will fall from the top of the screen. If these
Bonus Stars complete a line of Stars between matching Friend
Blocks, those rows will be eliminated too, and the Chain might
continue. The more Chains you get, the more Bonus Stars will fall.
How can I get to the Special Stage (Stage 11)?
To access the elusive Stage 11, you must reach the
Borderline in every previous level. Every stage has a
pre-determined score called a “Borderline” that you must
meet or beat. If you reach the Borderline in a stage, a flag
will appear on a level. Once you have cleared the Borderline
in Stages 1 through 10, and flags are on ALL of them, you
will be able to access Stage 11.
How can I get enough points to reach the Borderline?
To reach the Borderline in each stage, clear 100% of the
blocks in the Bonus Rounds. (Bonus Rounds begin when
you hit a Switch Block.) You will collect 500 points for
every block you hit and 500 points for every second you
have left on the timer when you complete the round. This is a
MUST if you want to collect enough points to clear the
Borderline for a particular stage! Remember, you won’t
collect any points if you miss any blocks.
How do you perform Kirby Power Bounces?
If you press the A Button at the precise moment the ball hits
the paddle, you will perform a Kirby Power Bounce. Yahoo!
This killer technique lets you destroy those super-tough
Power Blocks that you normally can’t dent.