PlayStation 2

King Of Fighters 2000/2001

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Alternate colors:

Highlight Benimaru, Choi, K’, Kensou, Kyo, Mai, Mary, Terry or Whip at the character selection screen, then press one of the following to choose them with the corresponding costume color.

Color 1: Square or Triangle
Color 2: X or Circle
Color 3: X + Square + Circle + Triangle

Play as Zero:

Defeat 99 opponents in party mode or accumulate more than 40 hours of game play to unlock all Strikers. Select single, and team versus, or practice mode. Select a character and Striker as usual at the selection screen. Then hold Up + Square (for player one color scheme) or Up + Circle (for player two color scheme) before the order selection screen appears. Press X to select your main character at the order selection screen while still holding those buttons. A sound will confirm correct code entry, and Zero will appear in place of your character.