Sega Genesis

Joe Montana II Sportstalk Football

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If you have trouble, try these passwords to play in any game as the Washington Redskins.

Week 2 – 1D1CBAAAIA
Week 3 – 1D1DDAAAIA
Week 4 – 1D1EHAAAIA
Week 5 – 1D1FPAAAIA
Week 6 – 1D1G5AAAIA
Week 7 – 1DIH5BAAIA
Week 8 – 1DII5DAAIA
Week 9 – 1DIJ5HAAIA
Week 10 – 1DIK5PAAKD
Week 11 – 1DIL55AAIA
Week 12 – 1DIM55BAIA
Week 13 – 1DIN55DAIB
Week 14 – 1DIO55HAIA
Week 15 – 1DIP55PAIA
Week 16 – 1DIQ55PAJA
Round 1 – 1DIR55PBJA
Round 2 – 1DIS55PDJA
Sega Bowl – 1DIT55PHJB

Team Select And Level Select
This code will let you to play with any team in any week.

First enter the password screen. Then fill in the blanks in this password _YP_???KDJ. The first blank is your team, and the second blank is the week you want to play. (For example, to play as the Broncos in the first round play-offs, enter J in the first blank and W in the second. The completed password for this example would be JYPW???KDJ.)

Team Code

Falcons b
Lions k
Dolphins s
Cardinals 0
Bills c
Packers l
Vikings t
Steelers 1
Bears d
Colts m
Saints v
Chargers 2
Bengals f
Chiefs n
Patriots w
Seahawks 3
Browns g
Oilers p
Giants x
49ers 4
Cowboys h
Raiders q
Jets y
Buccaneers 5
Broncos j
Rams r
Eagles z
Redskins 6

Week Code

Week 2 D
Week 3 F
Week 4 G
Week 5 H
Week 6 J
Week 7 K
Week 8 L
Week 9 M
Week 10 N
Week 11 P
Week 12 Q
Week 13 R
Week 14 S
Week 15 T
Week 16 V
1st Play-Offs W
2nd Play-Offs X
Super Bowl Y