Hexen : Beyond Heretic

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CONAN CHEATER, YOU DON’T DESERVE WEAPONS MARTEK (#1) TRYING TO CHEAT?…THAT’S ONE (#2) THATS TWO… (#3) THATS THREE…TIME TO DIE SATAN GOD MODE NRA ALL WEAPONS INDIANA ALL ARTIFACTS QUICKENRA ALL WEAPONS DELIVERANCE PIG MODE LOCKSMITH ALL KEYS MAPSCO MAP CODE WHERE X,Y,Z COORDINATES TICKER DISPLAY Frames Per Second DOTS — FPS=70/(DOTS+1) CASPER NO CLIPPING PUKE SCRIPTING CHEAT NOISE SOUND DEBUG INIT RESTART LEVEL BUTCHER KILL ALL MONSTERS (ON CURRENT HUB ONLY?) SHERLOCK ALL PUZZLE ITEMS ~?? CD PLAYER TRACK CHANGE (WHERE ??=TRACK # DESIRED) 4 level beta codes BPELLETIER Warp to level KSCHILDER Sound debug mode RRETTENMUND “Ticker” toggle BGOKEY God mode CRHINEHART Receive all weapons MRAYMONDJUDY Receive all keys BRAFFEL Twenty-five invulnerabilities EBIESSMAN “Pig” mode SGURNO 100% health REVEAL Show entire auto map JSUMWALT Show X, Y, Z position KILLS Show Frag count (DeathMatch only) Full Game Codes CONAN Receive all weapons GATE (0-41) Warp to level MARTEK God mode ANGEL No clipping mode MCCOY 100% health GREEDY Receive all artifacts JANITOR Receive all keys PUZZLE Receive all puzzle pieces CARNAGE Destroy all enemies REVEAL Show entire auto map DELIVERANCE “Pig” mode WHERE Show X, Y, Z position KILLS Show Frag count (DeathMatch only)