Sega Dreamcast

Gundam Side Story 0079: Rise From The Ashes

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Cheat :

Extra options:Press A + B + X + Y + Start at the main menu. Alternately, successfully complete the game under any difficulty setting. The extra options contains battle records of your levels and power up items. The power up items are as follows: Beam Spray-Gun, Hi-Power Generator, Photo 1, Proto Beam Rifle, Photo 2, Lunar Titanium, Photo 3, and a Beam Rifle. The photos appear pinned up inside your Gundam or mobile suit.

Hint :

Hint: Level 8: Break into heavily protected enemy base:Have you ever noticed how Oasis will come up with four enemies in the middle of the top main base if you do a Special Search, but your sensors cannot find anything? Go around to the left side of the base until you see a steel wall. Keep blasting at the wall until it catches fire and collapses. Go in, and a conveyor belt will take you down to four power generators which you can destroy.