Nintendo Wii

GT Wii

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Winning a cup will unlock some new things.

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Brake StreetComplete Championship Race (Beginner)
Filter Grade – AComplete Enjoy Cup (Beginner)
Headlight BlueComplete 3 Door cup (Beginner)
Highspeed ClassComplete all cups in Intermediate Class
Intermediate ClassComplete all cups in Beginner’s Class
Mazda RX-7 tune (FD3S)Get atleast a Great!, 20+ for max combo in Heights Mountain
Mazda RX-8Complete Championship Race (Beginner)
Nissan 180SX S13Complete Enjoy Cup (Beginner)
Nissan Silvia S14 TuneComplete the first race in drift mode.
Nissan Silvia tune (S15)Get atleast a Good!, 15+ for max combo in Downtown Street
Professional classComplete all cups in Highspeed Class
Toyota Celica LB TA27Complete 3 Door cup (Beginner)